Sheriff Plummer of Nothingham

The more we look at the involvement of the Sheriff in the foreclosure process, the more we wonder. Why do banks get this special collection agency service funded by the State, with a gun and a badge?

A home loan is a contract between two parties: the bank and the home buyer. No different than the loan for a car, or a contract between two parties. Why does the Sheriff enter into this process at all? And why do the taxpayers have to fund any of it? How does he get to hire his friends to do “appraisals” when none of us could hire the same unqualified people?

The whole premise of a Sheriff in an urban county seems to be an obsolete holdover from long ago. Why do we elect a Sheriff- when we don’t elect police chiefs?

Greg and I don’t know all the answers- but we’re sure some of you do. We hope you fill us in- and everyone else in, with your erudite comments below. Here is our video today: The Sheriff of Nothingham


And, to the woman who called and left a message on my answering machine thanking me for this forum- thank you!

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