Sheriff Plummer

Seth Godin: The appearance of impropriety – and Dayton, Ohio

I don’t do this often- take a whole post from another blogger and publish it- but, this one is a must read in Dayton where the “Monarchy of Montgomery County” has perfected mad skills in the art of nepotism. Marketing is actually what other people are saying about you. Like it or not, true or Read More

Plummer didn’t know- DDN doesn’t want to.

Once again, Sheriff Phil Plummer is claiming ignorance in the case of the appraisal gold mine for friends. This time- Sgt. Tom Flanders is taking the heat- for supposedly asking to have the appraisal documents shredded. Phil is good at pointing fingers: “There’s no cover-up here. It was a mistake by a new sergeant in Read More

Sheriff Plummer of Nothingham

The more we look at the involvement of the Sheriff in the foreclosure process, the more we wonder. Why do banks get this special collection agency service funded by the State, with a gun and a badge? A home loan is a contract between two parties: the bank and the home buyer. No different than Read More