Ohio Department of Development

What is “economic development,” Governor Kasich?

If it is government’s job to take from the poor to give to the rich- then, I understand why we have politicians and state employees running “economic development” programs. It it’s to funnel our tax dollars away from essential services- and give them to our friends who supported our campaign- then I understand “economic development” Read More

UltraCell = UltraRipOff

The Dayton Business Journal reports today that UltraCell, which has had its hand out since it landed in Vandalia- is closing operations in Ohio. Politicians make lousy venture capitalists- since the money they are playing with is our tax dollars. And don’t just consider the money that we put into this venture as a waste- Read More

Denver makes use, Ohio buys ads on the page

Gotta love the “Ohio Department of Development” touting the “Third Frontier” program in ads- on Fast Company’s website. We’re paying to advertise that we’re forward thinking and supporting science and tech- while Denver is actually deploying the future of green alternative transportation: B-Cycle. If there is one rule about advertising- it’s that PR is cheaper Read More

Your tax money, not being spent on you: Corporate Welfare in Ohio

State lawmakers are thinking about ditching the $20 late fee on license plates now that so many have complained. Now they posture and say they don’t want to hit us with “hidden fees.” Yet, no one is screaming loudly enough about these “Rapid Outreach Grants” which are tax dollar giveaways to private companies. This is Read More

Why do we have an Ohio Department of Development?

Ohio Public Radio had an interesting story on the Ohio Department of Development– which is also missing a director. Unfortunately, they don’t have a full transcript- and you have to listen to hear the whole report: Ohio has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the last few years, and the state’s unemployment rate has Read More

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