Pre-Election Campaign finance reports: Dayton City Commission

This post will go in phases- as I get them turned into PDF.

Here is Nan Whaley: Nan Whaley Pre-Election

Highlights: Appx $48K raised, $15K spent

$5K donation from “Ballot Club General Fund” a K Street Lobbyist (I can’t find info on them)

$2K donation from Teamsters Local Union No. 957 PAC OH 556

$671.33 From the Ohio State United Assciation PAC LA1213 of Westerville

She’s spent $2K on a “Media Consultant” from Dublin Ohio

Bought a “campaign computer” from Crystal King for $500

And over $5K on media so far. That’s $2k to a Columbus Media Consultant to buy $5K in media.

She raised $5k at a fundraiser at Pacchia- which got her a $500 donation of food from Dr. Michael Ervin (who claimed to be staying out of this).

Next up: Joey D. Williams Joey D Williams pre-election campaign finance report 09

No checks larger than $500 including one from Lee Schear who also gave me the same amount. Lee likes our approaches to regionalism. He has bought some radio, yard signs, printing, shirts.

Joey raised $17,376.88 and spent $10,226.49.

Mine is only 5 pages: David Esrati pre-election campaign finance report 09

I’ve raised about $4,500 and spent $3,900 on printing, web work, hosting etc. Yes, I’ve paid The Next Wave (my firm) for work on my campaign. Only one donation for $500.

For Rhine McLin I don’t know where to begin. It’s a book. [note: 23 OCT just realized I hadn’t uploaded it] Rhine McLin Pre-election 09

She’s raised $127K, spend $84K and gotten money in big checks from lots of people. The amounts of money going to the Ohio Democratic Party and coming back- looks like a game of ping-pong, with lots of commas. Apparently, their polling must have said that Gary Leitzell is a HUGE threat- with his $15K (I’ll have his complete report up by tomorrow morning- zero money from the Republican Party btw).

Rhine’s big checks:

$1K William A. (Bear) Monita- from Lorenz & Williams architects

$1K Keycorp Advocates Fund (a PAC)

$1122 Nicholas L. Keyes (Billboard company owner)

$1K Jan G Rudd

$1K Citizens forum of the Miami Valley (based in Columbus- another PAC)

$1.5K Beverly K Greene

$1K Elsie M. Bleachler

$1.5K Beverly K. Greene (check date is same-could be a double entry)

$2.5K Paul Tipps- Columbus Lobbyist

$1K Penny Tipps- his wife in Columbus

She even got $500 from “Coleman for Columbus”

$2.5K from Douglas A. Mann- the accident attorney

$2.5k from his partner, Michael E. Dyer

$1k Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #162

$600 from the UAW Ohio State PCE of Maumee Ohio.

$1k from Neil F. Freund, the city’s go to lawyer- who handled my case (note, he now lives in Beavercreek, he used to live in Dayton near UD).

$1k Elsie M. Beachler (again same check date- could be a double entry)

$5K from the Ohio Democratic Party in Columbus

$1k Angela Ahmad

$5k Jerome F. Tatar – former CEO of Mead

That’s a lot of big checks- and two possible problems for Joyce Harris, her treasurer who last time – had a dead person on her contributions list.

I’ll have Gary Leitzell tomorrow. now 10:53 pm Gary Leitzell Pre-election 09

Gary’s highlights:

A $1k check from developer Jeff Samuelson

$1k from Realtors Political Action Committee

He’s rasied $15,945.86 and spent $11,041.60 Note, the payments to “William Pace” are to an ad agency for media purchases and fund raising activities.

To put it in perspective: Rhine and Nan took in $445.86 less than Gary’s entire campaign chest from just one donor- the demolition contractor from Westerville Ohio. Gary and I together have raised just a bit more than Joey Williams.
I’d like your analysis- on our high priced Mayor and Commissions donations and spending.

Considering the last time I ran for commission we had 18% turnout and Dean Lovelace, Bootsie Neal and yours truly spent $1 a vote, Rhine and Nan are already in excess of that, no matter what the turnout (projected at 29% last I heard).

Let’s see if we can change the destiny of Dayton by NOT electing the best politicians money can buy.

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