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Pre-Election Campaign finance reports: Dayton City Commission

This post will go in phases- as I get them turned into PDF.

Here is Nan Whaley: Nan Whaley Pre-Election [1]

Highlights: Appx $48K raised, $15K spent

$5K donation from “Ballot Club General Fund [2]” a K Street Lobbyist (I can’t find info on them)

$2K donation from Teamsters Local Union No. 957 PAC OH 556

$671.33 From the Ohio State United Assciation PAC LA1213 of Westerville

She’s spent $2K on a “Media Consultant” from Dublin Ohio

Bought a “campaign computer” from Crystal King for $500

And over $5K on media so far. That’s $2k to a Columbus Media Consultant to buy $5K in media.

She raised $5k at a fundraiser at Pacchia- which got her a $500 donation of food from Dr. Michael Ervin (who claimed to be staying out of this).

Next up: Joey D. Williams Joey D Williams pre-election campaign finance report 09 [3]

No checks larger than $500 including one from Lee Schear who also gave me the same amount. Lee likes our approaches to regionalism. He has bought some radio, yard signs, printing, shirts.

Joey raised $17,376.88 and spent $10,226.49.

Mine is only 5 pages: David Esrati pre-election campaign finance report 09 [4]

I’ve raised about $4,500 and spent $3,900 on printing, web work, hosting etc. Yes, I’ve paid The Next Wave (my firm) for work on my campaign. Only one donation for $500.

For Rhine McLin I don’t know where to begin. It’s a book. [note: 23 OCT just realized I hadn’t uploaded it] Rhine McLin Pre-election 09 [5]

She’s raised $127K, spend $84K and gotten money in big checks from lots of people. The amounts of money going to the Ohio Democratic Party and coming back- looks like a game of ping-pong, with lots of commas. Apparently, their polling must have said that Gary Leitzell is a HUGE threat- with his $15K (I’ll have his complete report up by tomorrow morning- zero money from the Republican Party btw).

Rhine’s big checks:

$1K William A. (Bear) Monita- from Lorenz & Williams architects

$1K Keycorp Advocates Fund (a PAC)

$1122 Nicholas L. Keyes (Billboard company owner)

$1K Jan G Rudd

$1K Citizens forum of the Miami Valley (based in Columbus- another PAC)

$1.5K Beverly K Greene

$1K Elsie M. Bleachler

$1.5K Beverly K. Greene (check date is same-could be a double entry)

$2.5K Paul Tipps- Columbus Lobbyist

$1K Penny Tipps- his wife in Columbus

She even got $500 from “Coleman for Columbus”

$2.5K from Douglas A. Mann- the accident attorney

$2.5k from his partner, Michael E. Dyer

$1k Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #162

$600 from the UAW Ohio State PCE of Maumee Ohio.

$1k from Neil F. Freund, the city’s go to lawyer- who handled my case (note, he now lives in Beavercreek, he used to live in Dayton near UD).

$1k Elsie M. Beachler (again same check date- could be a double entry)

$5K from the Ohio Democratic Party in Columbus

$1k Angela Ahmad

$5k Jerome F. Tatar – former CEO of Mead

That’s a lot of big checks- and two possible problems for Joyce Harris, her treasurer who last time – had a dead person [6] on her contributions list.

I’ll have Gary Leitzell tomorrow. now 10:53 pm Gary Leitzell Pre-election 09 [7]

Gary’s highlights:

A $1k check from developer Jeff Samuelson

$1k from Realtors Political Action Committee

He’s rasied $15,945.86 and spent $11,041.60 Note, the payments to “William Pace” are to an ad agency for media purchases and fund raising activities.

To put it in perspective: Rhine and Nan took in $445.86 less than Gary’s entire campaign chest from just one donor- the demolition contractor from Westerville Ohio. Gary and I together have raised just a bit more than Joey Williams.
I’d like your analysis- on our high priced Mayor and Commissions donations and spending.

Considering the last time I ran for commission we had 18% turnout and Dean Lovelace, Bootsie Neal and yours truly spent $1 a vote, Rhine and Nan are already in excess of that, no matter what the turnout (projected at 29% last I heard).

Let’s see if we can change the destiny of Dayton by NOT electing the best politicians money can buy.

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Jennifer Alexander

The $5,000 with Nan was from the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union Ballot Club Fund….which is listed with the Federal Elections Commision in the top Top 50 Labor PACs     Ballot Cub is #17 by contributions to candidates
 Top 50 Labor PACs     Ballot Cub is #17 by contributions to candidates

Heck, she even got $ from the deputy director of the Board of Elections

Will Brooks

What McLin’s and Whaley’s numbers tell us is that they are bought and paid for by special interests. With Rhine being bought and paid for squared compared to Whaley. Personally, having you and Gary on the commission is something I long to see and will cast my votes for you guys. Win or lose I am going to do everything I can to further involve my time and efforts to combat what has happened to our city, state, and country. I would rather go down fighting then just become apathetic and accepting to what is happening around us. I believe we can turn it around with or without the damn govt. Although, I would rather see it happen with the resources that my tax dollars help provide.


Note the address for Rhine’s campaign location. What was the address where the city employee was fetching mail from ?

Jennifer Alexander

From what I have been able to find, it does not appear to be illegal in Ohio for a Director of the Board of Elections to make a campaign contribution to a current candidate. ((Nan Whaley)) Yet, I feel it does raise ethical questions over whether Steve Harsman is trying to use his position as Director of the Montgomery County Board of Elections to better his chosen candidate’s odds of winning..???  Anyone else see a problem with this?

David Lauri

Thanks for posting these, David.  Isn’t it incredible that in 2009 Montgomery County doesn’t require candidates to submit this information electronically so that it can be posted on the Internet and searchable?  (Also, isn’t incredible that a campaign treasurer would take the to fill out a 37-page campaign finance report by hand?  God knows, if I were ever responsible for filling one of these out, I sure wouldn’t do it by hand!)  Of course, if Montgomery County’s or Ohio’s records were more easily accessed, we might have the situation Washington State is facing where people who want to overturn domestic partnership benefits want the special right of not having their names made public.

I also find interesting the incestuousness of contributions.  Gary Leitzell’s wife gives you money, and you give Gary money, and Joey Williams gives Stacey Thompson, who’s running for re-election to school board, money, and Stacey gives Nan Whaley money.  And in addition to these current candidates and their campaign committees, there are donations from the campaign committees of past candidates distributing money.

If I were ever in charge of things (which I won’t be, since you couldn’t pay me to run for office), I think I’d make it illegal for one politician’s campaign committee to give money to another candidate.  I mean really, if someone gives candidate A a contribution, that person might not want candidate A to turn around and give money to candidate B; if the original donor had wanted candidate B to receive money, the donor could have given money directly to candidate B.


“Mine is only 5 pages: David Esrati pre-election campaign finance report 09
I’ve raised about $4,500 and spent $3,900 on printing, web work, hosting etc. Yes, I’ve paid The Next Wave (my firm) for work on my campaign. Only one donation for $500.”
If only you could use your campaign contributions to pay your property taxes you’ve owed on 113 Bonner St. since 2007.  But alas, that isn’t an option.

Jeff Hunter

David, I love the openness with which you operate.  Before submitting this I checked out Nan’s blog to understand her current thoughts, and what others are saying.  Sadly the latest information appeared to be 3 months old.  David, I will be there on Saturday to help with Yard Signs.

Molly Darcy

Oh David, you can’t explain away your tax troubles that easily.  The point is you received a tax abatement for the property when you bought it (which should have given you ample time to save up for the tax bill you knew would be coming eventually) and now you have past due taxes.  That is money that the schools have to do without, not to mention the libraries and the MetroParks which you claim to care so much about.  Apparently you don’t even care enough to pay your taxes.