Nan Whaley Campaign Finance Report

The hypocrisy of NIMBY laws: Methadone clinics

About a year ago, South Park was up in arms, as were the people at Daybreak and Chaminade Juliane High School. A local doctor wanted to open a Methadone clinic nearby. Quickly, a law was passed at the Statehouse that turned recovering heroin addicts into sex-offenders- placing a 500′ limit from door-to-door from addict to Read More

Pre-Election Campaign finance reports: Dayton City Commission

This post will go in phases- as I get them turned into PDF. Here is Nan Whaley: Nan Whaley Pre-Election Highlights: Appx $48K raised, $15K spent $5K donation from “Ballot Club General Fund” a K Street Lobbyist (I can’t find info on them) $2K donation from Teamsters Local Union No. 957 PAC OH 556 $671.33 Read More