On anonymous blogs-

Dayton Politics is a local blog that is worth reading, if for no other reason than it seems to have the attention of a lot of local politico types.
While it seems to have some insider connections and insight, typical of a tattler style publication, it lacks real credibility since almost all posts and comments are from anonymous posters.
Why are people in Dayton so afraid of taking a solo position without a crowd of supporters? Why do we always have to have consensus and coalitions to bring any kind of alternative views to the forefront- or hide behind a veil of anonymity?
When I comment on Dayton Politics, I’m one of a very few that actually sign my name and link back to my blog. I do this because I’m not afraid of venturing an opinion and I’m also willing to later eat my words if I happen to be wrong. I’m not worried about stepping on toes, rankling the “wrong” people, or walking to the beat of a different drummer- because what good is a democracy if there is only one choice in every matter? It also helps build trackbacks – which are an essential part of blogging (if you want to learn more about this- come to the blogosopher seminar).
It’s this kind of groupthink that limits public debate by our elected officials- for an example: look at how many unanimous decisions the Dayton City Commission makes. This is not healthy behavior in a democracy- at least not one that was built on the premise of “free speech”
While there are people in Dayton who believe that showing a united front is always good- and that we always have to make room for everyone at the table- look at where it has gotten us- we’re divided up into 68+ little fiefdoms- all heading in our own little directions. We have namby-pamby leaders who refuse to say in public what they will share in private- and all it does is reinforce the perception that we are on a ship without a captain.
So- if you have something to say- sign your name. What’s the worst thing that can happen- being wrong? The greatest people throughout history were the one’s that were willing to be wrong, to take chances, who ventured out against the masses. If you need proof that this works- the world turned out not to be flat, how about that.
What do you think?
Try signing your name- it won’t kill you.

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Dave – You’ve touched on something that has always bothered me about this community, and that’s a general lack of courage to stick one’s neck out and speak his or her mind. I’ve seen this over and over again. Although I may disagree with some of your political viewpoints, there’s no doubt that I have nothing but respect for your honesty, courage and initiative – characteristics that are far more valuable than opinions and connections.

For what it’s worth I think we live in a society where people have become too afraid to “stick-out” and speak their minds due to a combination of factors. One is because we’ve become such a litigious type of people, rarely accepting personal responsibility for such about everything we do. Another is the preponderance of political correctness. Everyone is afraid of “offending” somebody somehow, and then well, we’re off to the wonderful world of litigation, which gets to my next factor – that of the all-mighty $$$. People today are much more willing to “sell their souls” in the name of either financial security or just pure greed.

In the immortal words of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (Gunny Emery in real life) in “Full Metal Jacket:” “You’ve got guts and that’s what counts!”

Ohio Guy

Great post. I will be reading and commenting more often.

Thanks again.

Bryan Suddith
the Ohio Guy