Read the DDN and be the last to know.

Two major real estate deals were reported a week earlier by the Dayton Business Journal than in the Dayton Daily News.

The CareSource plans for Downtown, while missing details in the DBJ, ran a full week earlier- and the SugarCamp deal in Oakwood ran 5 days earlier. Makes you wonder if the new DDN “integrated” business pages now has less staff on board than the old “Stand-alone” business section.

One of the keys to good journalism (my father was a journalist- and drilled this into me) is “institutional knowledge”- or knowing the lay of the land. A good journalist knows about the deals before they happen- because they have their ear to the ground and connections in the area- it would seem that the DDN has more ad sales people than it has reporters these days- maybe they need to enlist their sales force to collect business news leads for them- ’cause they don’t seem to be getting the scoop lately.

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