Local Superstar Jayne Sachs Wins Big

John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Another reason to recognize that Dayton produces some amazing musicans- not just in the past- like the Ohio Players and Zapp, but today. I’m lucky enough to count David Ponitz- aka David Poe as a good friend, and friend once removed from Jayne Sachs– who just won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

We just had Hawthorne Heights score big on the Billboard chart- fellow blogosopher David Cousino has a new CD-

There is so much musical talent in this town- maybe we should be looking at music as a tool for economic development? Look what Austin has done with SXSW, Nashville, and even Seattle with the EMP. We may be the Winter Guard capital of the world already- without really trying.
I live right around the corner from a real live Rock Superstar- Kelley Deal from the Breeders and see her and twin Kim Deal walking Jackson (Kelley’s Mondo Dog) past my office all the time.

Is the Gem City a Rock just waiting for a PR polish?

What do you think?

Please add your list of music stars from Dayton in the comments- lets see how big we are in the music world?

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