A sign of the times? Tear down or build back up?

Head down N. Main, and just before you get to the closed Chicken Louie’s- you see this sign:

Sign on North Main Street Dayton

Sign on North Main Street Dayton

We have two choices:

  • Get more residents
  • Tear down homes.

Tearing down homes, or “land-banking” is the method of choice by Mayor McLin and Commissioner Whaley. I’d like to coin a phrase to describe their solution “Leadership by destruction.”

Less supply is supposed to mean more demand. However, who wants to live in a gap-toothed, dying neighborhood?

Tearing down is the easy way out.

Fixing what’s wrong is what leadership does. It’s what visionaries talk about. It’s how things change.

The city has been in the business of buying up real estate for too long. Every dollar they’ve spent on buying land, takes properties off the tax rolls, and gives us less money to work with. This practice has caught up with us and overtaken the city like a run-away freight train.

What we need is more residents. Those come, when you have a city that people want to live in. That means good schools, good neighborhoods and constructive positive leadership. When I bought my home in South Park (1986) you could have bought any home on the street for under $15K. We now have homes that have sold for $240K.

We’ve come to the proverbial fork in the road- do we want to keep tearing down, or do we want to reverse the course to entropy and start building up. I’ll be releasing my plan for neighborhood rejuvenation in the next week.

Hint: it doesn’t start with a wrecking ball.

Hope you’ll join me on my mission: “No neighborhood left behind.”

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