And if you wonder why Dayton is losing jobs…

Just give Jules Opperman a call. She opened the small gelato shop in the Oregon district that I absolutely loved. She decided the Oregon District parking hassles and walking traffic weren’t her best option and found a new space on Brown Street- right across from Burger King. 900 square feet that has been a bicycle shop, a hip clothing store, a retro furniture shop and was to be her new home for her business with it’s 5 or 6 employees.

It’s been headache after headache from the permit process people, and she’s ready to look elsewhere. So, if you are wondering why Dolcessa ain’t in Dayton when it reopens somewhere else, you can ask your City Commissioners what they did to simplify processes in city hall, and instill a customer oriented ethos in dealing with potential employers.

But you won’t be eating gelato on Brown Street :-(

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Man that sucks and I don’t even know what gelato is!

We’ve built great businesses in Fairborn and had city’s support for over 50 years….when you feel the need to relocate your business to make it better, you need to make the move FAST!!!…shit…your down for a couple days while you move the entire business by car and truck and then can’t open cause of bureaucratic delay…let small business start when momentum exists, trust small business to do right thing, permit later…BTW you got my vote in March and November.


According to the City’s website, she didn’t file for a permit until 12/26/07. (

That’s barely a month ago, in the midst of the holiday season when many people are on vacation. So that is probably not the best time to file paperwork.

Yet it appears from the website that everything was quickly approved by the City except structual engineering, which was reviewed and rejected.

Food service is an industry that deserves particular attention to safety issues. Does she expect the City to approve plans that aren’t up to code? What exactly was the problem?

I think you need more explanation if you blame the City on this. The best customer service in the world doesn’t matter if the business can’t meet the code requirements.

I enjoyed the gelato last summer in the Oregon District. I sincerely hope Dolcessa stays in the City and does better with their 2nd location.

– The Skeptic

PS. Best wishes for your run.


Talking to an employee at the wine bar in the Cannery, I was told they were delayed almost a year by hold-ups from the city. Seems to be endemic in this town.


Could any of this have anthing to do with the inspectors in the field? Back when I lived in the City, I had a new water line put in from the street to my house. I was there for watching the plumbers. When the inspector drove up, he handed the inspection tag to one of the plumbers without even getting out of his car. Then he saw me, the homeowner, sitting on the porch and decided that he’d better do at least a cursory inspection in the basement. The plumbers told me that this guy rarely actually looks at anything they do.

And then there was the other inspector (don’t know which department) that lived down the street from me. hmmm, why was his city vehicle parked in front of his house from 11:30 or so until 3:30 every day? These people don’t care and are taking the taxpayers for a ride.

Phillip Ranly

That’s a real shame. Real shame. Hopefully they pick an area that has at least some character though—Fairborn, Yellow Springs, maybe even old downtown Centerville (but I hate that Dayton continually loses little businesses to Cville). This bugs me.

yvan melnikoff
yvan melnikoff

I hope the gelato shop survives and prospers. This city really needs every little bit of local color and needs to champion as many local entrepreneurs willing to take a risk. The experience detailed from the gelato shop’s Oregon district location, and the difficulties relocating, highlight the disparity between aspiration (on the part of the region) in re-developing and the actualities.

,…sort of on topic,…in bringing jobs to the area,…(or jobs leaving as the case may be),…and glossing over issues with rhetoric,…

check out D.L Stewart’s column on “GET MIDWESTERN” in today’s DDN. D.L sounds downright Esratish


Actually Yellow Springs and Centerville are good alternate locations for a place like Dolcessa, except there already is an ice cream place on the four corners in Centerville. Incidentally two Cannery businesses relocated to Centerville: Ashly & Hilary and GoHome. That beauty shop has a branch in olde Centerville too.

Another possibly good location would be the Greene or the old part of Springboro.

Or maybe even the old part of Tipp.

Melissas comment on the Cannery makes me think there are “issues” w. the city. Juans, too, though there it’s “less than zelous” vs “overzelous”.

David Esrati
David Esrati

The Cannery could have been helped long ago with end in parking. The City refuses.
There is an issue between the owners of the cannery and Montgomery paper- it has hindered parking solutions.


DL Stewart. When I moved here I though “geez how whitebread can you get”.

But old DL is right on target. “Dayton, a nice place to raise a family” (“Dayton” understood to be the region around the city, not so much the city).

Thats how I describe the place to folks outside. No kidding. That this is a great place to raise a family.


A tale of two “cities.”

New Years Eve – I happened to be able to go to 2 “destinations” for this great celebration. I was @ The Greene from 4:30 till almost 9pm – places filling up, parking lots full, people going to restaurants, even a little shopping. A happening, downtown feel. People walking, a lot of people. People laughing. PEOPLE. Safe to boot.

The Oregon District – my favorite place in Dayton, or well it was. Re-nicknamed the Boregon District. I had dinner at one of the many establishment @ about 9pm. The place was full, but went I went outside a few times there was, drum roll please…………….. NO ONE IN ANY OF THE BARS! Ate dinner, bar hopped(11ish to 2ish) , and the places were not full, no one was walking down the street. It was boring. And this is supposed to be the heart of Dayton’s entertainment and nightlife. Stop the world I want to get off.

I don’t have the answers, but what the OD is doing is………NOTHING. What a joke. A character of a city is often defined by the nightlife. Well, f*ck, this place is a joke. Who cares about never opened art galleries and porn shops – we need food, drink, dancing, partying, culture, music, people – PEOPLE being the most important. The Boregon District disappoints, and while you may not like The Greene, it is a place to meet people and people watch and interact like a human being and eat with restaurants full of people and drink with people dancing and see multiple movies and workout in a clean gym and shop at many different shops and want to see comedy acts etc. then is is the place to be. OD has some of this, minus “people” of course.

Someone in Dayton needs to do something about this – and stop crying about competition. Grow TF up and get in the game.

I may now give up on this city.


And tonight, Friday night, was much much worse.

And The Greene was busy.

Deadtown Dayton and the Boregon Distict. What a joke.


The problem with the Oregon is that its’ too “city”. Parking is sort of a hassle. There are people that will panhandle you. There are black people. The places are somewhat scruffy (depending on the place), and the music they play is live and original.

Now there are folks who like this stuff. The problem is there are not enough of them in Dayton, or they leave town.

So you have the people who are left who find the Greene appealing and the Oregon not so appealing.

So the Oregon is dead and he Greene is hopping.

It’s really all about the people in Dayton and its suburbs. If the city is dead and Boregon its about the people who live here. They are boring, so the city is boring. So you live in a boring shit-town and bitch about it on an internet blog.

So sad. Maybe a move is in order?

Goodbye Gene, you sad, bored man.

J. R. Locke

Surprised? This arguement has been rehashed a million times over. My biggest problem with Dayton was the segment of towns that everyone lived in. They don’t live in Dayton….it is whatever suburb.

Columbus is much better with one street having most everything on it. Since I don’t drive much it is perfect for me.

I found out Louisville is much the same….Bardstown Rd. is the main road so disconnected from downtown…that was disappointing.

Its all about location isn’t?

I guess my point is that places like the Greene are organized and run to promote business. The OD is not. At certain times the bars and restaurants came together to promote the OD as a destination area, they don’t do that anymore. Jeff, if you think you are so smart then why don’t you come over to my house and paint my garage door. Your comments are off based. Why? I bitch bc I go there, only to find a few people. When I ask owners/managers, they cry about places like the Greene. I am bitching bc they can do more, they need to do more, but these “creative” people are not smart enough and do not band together with other OD businesses to promote the OD. I bitch bc I care. I bitch bc I go there, almost every weekend. The OD should have a large New Years Eve bash – but all the businesses want to be Lone Rangers. That is fine, and it is fine no one ever goes down there anymore. But they could do more. Competition within the OD seems to be the priority, when competition from the Dayton Mall, The Greene, Fairfield and Miller Lane is the problem. They don’t view themselves as one – which they need to do in order to succeed. These people are scared of competition, they think they should win by default. They are stuck in a different time. They are not winners, they are maintainers and they are not business people. They are dreamers but have no ass to back it up. They mean well with no idea what to do. They are not good at what they do, collectively. They are, for the most part, failures at business. They have ruined the OD, they have ruined an area that could be so much more. They are kept down bc they don’t have the knowledge, the are kept down by their own neighborhood for fears of too much success. This area is a joke. They need current owners out and new blood in. But you guys may… Read more »