And if you wonder why Dayton is losing jobs…

Just give Jules Opperman a call. She opened the small gelato shop in the Oregon district that I absolutely loved. She decided the Oregon District parking hassles and walking traffic weren’t her best option and found a new space on Brown Street- right across from Burger King. 900 square feet that has been a bicycle shop, a hip clothing store, a retro furniture shop and was to be her new home for her business with it’s 5 or 6 employees.

It’s been headache after headache from the permit process people, and she’s ready to look elsewhere. So, if you are wondering why Dolcessa ain’t in Dayton when it reopens somewhere else, you can ask your City Commissioners what they did to simplify processes in city hall, and instill a customer oriented ethos in dealing with potential employers.

But you won’t be eating gelato on Brown Street :-(

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