Montgomery County Democratic Party launch smear site

Considering the Montgomery County Democratic Party can barely manage their own site (go look at the greek text placeholder under candidates)  it comes as a surprise that they’ve launched “No Gary No” to run a smear against independent mayoral challenger, Gary Leitzell:

Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Paid for by the Montgomery County Democratic Party.

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

via No Gary No!.

Checking GoDaddy:

Montgomery County Democratic Party

131 South Wilkinson Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 06-Aug-09
Expires on: 06-Aug-10
Last Updated on: 06-Aug-09

Administrative Contact:
Klco, Daniel [email protected]
Montgomery County Democratic Party
131 South Wilkinson Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
United States
(937) 222-4007

And sadly, they are using WordPress, just like this site- but they don’t know what a category is.

There is no reason for this kind of party intervention. If Rhine McLin has a problem with Gary- she needs to say it herself. It’s too bad we have so many “forums” and never any debates. The art of politics has left the building.

Now we just have soundbites and sod-slinging. Thanks, Montgomery County Dems, this is why I can’t be a “proud” member of your private political country club.

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Teresa Lea

They don’t let you leave comments either.
What a joke.


At one point, there was something between Gary and Rhine about ‘no negative campaigning’ that they both agreed to. She can certainly agree to that knowing others will do it for her.
Gary needs to point out and say “I won’t stoop to that level. I will tell you what I plan to do, not what others didn’t do…”. Negative campaigning is a sure-fire way to lose my support, no matter who does it.


There’s a place to add comments at the bottom of the page.


Interesting. I was wondering if someone will start a vote no on Esrati site. Then I realized there is already an anti-Esrati site. It’s called A site where an angry man rambles on and says things that would get any candidate voted down. Where he fights with undecided voters and arrogantly tells them “just read these one thousand posts” to figure out what he is for. Then he posts an indecipherable “plan” that has no clear ideas for anyone to get behind. Way to appeal to 2% of the electorate. Larkin is right about that.

David Lauri

Hell, I’ve got a better anti-Gary Leitzell site than they do, and I wasn’t even trying:
And if Gary would simply admit that he was wrong and hypocritical about traditional marriage and promise to oppose any attempts to remove sexual orientation and gender identity from Dayton’s non-discrimination ordinance, my comments would be dated and irrelevant.


What is the big deal with Gary? This is a bit confusing? He said what, when, to whom?

Thomas Kohn
Thomas Kohn

The Montgomery County Democratic Party site is a single-page “presence” with no active links. Looks like the Dems need to find a good web developer before they go live.


And if Gary would simply admit that he was wrong and hypocritical about traditional marriage and promise to oppose any attempts to remove sexual orientation and gender identity from Dayton’s non-discrimination ordinance, my comments would be dated and irrelevant.
You did a good job, David L, on flushing out Leitzell on the gay rights issue (or trying too).  I was wondering where he stood.  Funny to think my GOP state rep out here in sububria is to the left of Leitzell on this, actually taking a stand for civil rights protections for lesbians and gays.  Too bad Leitzell can’t bring himself to do that.  Though, to be fair, neither could Joey Williams.

Gary Leitzell

Mr. Lauri, your comments are dated and irrelevant. I’m not opposed. If you would ever go back to that original email that I sent you, you will see that I never mentioned anything about “Traditional marriage”.  My statement was “traditional word, like marriage” but you went off on a tangent and wouldn’t allow comments to your site.

David Lauri

‘Twasn’t me who went off on a tangent.  I asked about the non-dsicrimination ordinance, not marriage, which is not a local issue, and you felt the need to sound off on marriage, saying, unasked, “I do have a problem with changing the legal definition of a traditional word like marriage to line the pockets of lawyers though.”
It used to be, legally, that married women had to take their husband’s surname.  You don’t have any problem with your wife’s having a different last name, so you obviously didn’t care about that traditional legal aspect of marriage.  And you certainly don’t care about many non-legal traditional aspects of marriage.  Not that it’s a bad thing — I think it’s great that you’re able to work from home and take an active role in raising your daughter — but you do not have a traditional marriage.
So, since you brought up the topic of marriage when I asked you about Dayton’s non-discrimination ordinance, and since David E’s site, unlike mine, does allow for comments, feel free to comment.  What does “I do have a problem with changing the legal definition of a traditional word like marriage to line the pockets of lawyers though” mean?  Do you think that allowing two men or two woment to marry will harm our society, and if so how?
And, by the way, “I’m not opposed” is not the same thing as a clear statement such as “I would be opposed to any attempts to remove sexual orientation and gender identity from Dayton’s non-discrimination ordinance.”


Zip it on the traditional marriage. Most people do not have a traditional marriage according to your definition. It used to be acceptable to beat woman, keep them at home, make them cook and clean, not letting them vote or have a job. We have evolved.

Where does (did) it say, legally, that woman had to take the last name? In every state? USA? England? France? China? Where are you talking about?

Tradition varies from place to place. Thanks for the blanket statement. Typical Liberal Redchief (you know, the leader of the losing Reds………..)


@David Lauri: Allow comments at your site related to the ‘topics’ you make up. Problem solved.

An Observer
An Observer

@ David Esrati: make that three. Wouldn’t work for me either despite many attempts. I would be suspicious that it’s deliberate if the rest of the site (both layout and content) weren’t so laughably bad.

I guess that’s the nature of the attack game, though…not offering any real alternatives or solutions, just mouthing off.

Also, that’s Latin, not Greek. Just sayin’.

@ David Lauri: are you really going to try to torpedo quite possibly the last chance Dayton has on an issue that is mainly being fought at the state and federal levels?

David Lauri

It wasn’t I who brought up the issue of marriage.  It was Gary Leitzell.  I simply wanted to know whether he’d oppose any attempts to remove sexual orientation from Dayton’s non-discrimination ordinance.  On 12/27/2008 I sent him an e-mail with the subject, “What’s your position on Dayton’s non-discrimination ordinance,” and with one line in the body, “Specifically, did you support the addition to it of sexual orientation as a protected class?”  I did not ask him about marriage.  He felt compelled for some reason to comment on marriage.

As for where it legally said that women were required to take their husbands’ surname upon marriage, look at page 34 of this research paper and the sources it cites:  (Click the download link on that page to open the paper in PDF format)
In particular, Chapman v. Phoenix Nat’l Bank, 85 N.Y. 437, 449 (N.Y. 1881) (“[A woman’s] maiden surname is absolutely lost, and she ceases to be known thereby”).
As for trying to torpedo Gary Leitzell’s chances, I never set out to do that.  If he’d simply answered my original e-mail with something like, “I supported the extension of Dayton’s non-discrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation” or “I oppose any attempts to change Dayton’s non-discrimination ordinance as it now stands,” I’d have had no complaint.  Instead he said that marriage is a traditional word whose definition it would be dangerous to change.  As you can see from his own life, he doesn’t mind having the tradition updated when it comes to his own marriage.
As for allowing comments on my site, I choose not to allow comments on my website, and if you don’t like it, there’s not thing one you can do about it except to comment on other forums about how you disagree with that decision.

I attended a neighborhood meeting last night and got to see who Mr. Leitzell presents himself as up close and personal. Unfortunately, I went into that meeting determined to support anyone but Mayor McGlin and came out seeing no alternative. If demeanor is any measure of the openness we can expect a challenging candidate to display once in office, than, regardless of what the Democratic Party or the current Mayor has said about him, I expect that Mr. Leitzell would follow his own, personal, agenda, regardless of the communication coming from his constituents. When mildly challenged on a single issue (BSL – Breed Specific Legislation), his response was defensive and short and his body language was to walk away while continuing to interrupt (talking over his shoulder) and repeat himself. Animal welfare activists and supporters need to beware of Mr. Leitzell. While he did not quite go so far as to state his support of BSL, he proudly held up his experience in the insurance industry and backed Ohio’s definition of “Pit Bulls” as vicious dogs. In other words, if, in the eyes of the state of Ohio, you “own” a dog they define as a “Pit Bull”, Mr. Leitzell will have you buying $100,000 in insurance and chaining your dog when outside. His stance on removing the “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” language is still unclear to me, even after reading his response. Setting aside anyone’s definition of “traditional marriage”, will he support an attempt to remove that language, should the political opportunity present itself? While I understand that opposing candidates need to set themselves apart, Mr. Leitzell appeared arrogant in his presentation, and a personal encounter with him after the meeting seemed to confirm that impression. As someone who spends a great deal of time, emotional energy, and financial resources rescuing the neglected, abused, and abandoned dogs and cats in this city, my primary concern for Dayton is the welfare of those animals and the ability of myself and others who volunteer to help them. No one who rescues animal wants Gary Leitzell in office, and I, for one, am already in… Read more »
Tim S.

my primary concern for Dayton is the welfare of those animals and the ability of myself and others who volunteer to help them.–T

@T–What about the humans?

However, to place dogs rights before peoples needs in this city is very shortsighted.–DE

@David Esrati– Thank you for a sensible reply.

David Lauri

There is a lot more to this race than viscous dog ordinances and sexual orientation.
There is indeed.  However, one can learn something about Mr. Leitzell from his responses to these two issues.  He wasn’t politically savvy enough not to bring up marriage equality when it’s not a local issue and when his own life experiences show him to be a hypocrite on the issue.  I didn’t witness the exchange between him and T, but from T’s side of things, it also doesn’t seem Mr. Leitzell was very savvy in dealing in person with someone with whom he disagrees.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. On a state or national level, I do not vote on single issues. My loyalty to the city of Dayton, however, is nil. Let me tell you why . . . I go to Yellow Springs and feel like I’m in a different world, because people actually welcome being approached and engaged in conversation. In Dayton, the demeanor of the average (i.e., random) person walking down the street is defensive. In Yellow Springs, people look at a “Pit Bull” like it is any other dog, almost without exception. In Dayton, there is often fear in the eyes of the beholder. Why? Because people in Dayton are afraid of their own shadows. They have been, for a long time, because the city has been economically depressed for 3 decades now, and things have only gotten worse. Why don’t I fight for or concern myself with the humans here, you ask. Humans are capable of gaining their own resources. Canines and felines, animals we have domesticated and therefore (should) assume responsibility for, can do nothing to work their way out of situations of abuse and neglect. They depend entirely on the help of responsible and compassionate humans. If you have not been exposed to the dog rescue world, please get some experience before drawing conclusions. The commercials you see on television are not exaggerated, and those stories play out every single day right here in innocent little Dayton. Now, let me answer the obvious question that is certain to come flying back: Why don’t I move to Yellow Springs (or any place else), if I detest Dayton so much? Economics is my only obstacle. Lastly, to be entirely clear, I am not saying that there are no decent, interesting, intelligent, creative, awesome people living in Dayton. There certainly are, and I am thankful for them everyday, but progressive-minded intellectuals are needles in the Dayton haystack. Gary Leitzell is not, by the way, among them. His arrogance and inability to respond with consideration to a question that was presented in a respectful manner and which was perfectly relevant… Read more »
David, I, too, had a rescue who was thrown out a 2 story window, through the glass. She was 2 months old at the time, and her crime was not being housetrained. She is in a home with responsible compassionate people now and is doing well. I am in total agreement with you on limiting who has dogs. I am avidly against the breeding of dogs, until they are all rescued. And this lefty believes that we need to control the human population with education that precedes the potential for pregnancy. Not everyone should have a kid, either, and our legal system puts many who are serverely abused right back in the hands of the “parents”. There is no doubt that the human population (at least the American one), is filled with people who we have not given the opportunity for education, who grow up being taught that violence is a coping mechanism, and who we have instilled no sense of social or personal responsibility in. We are about to learn the lessons of Rome, but the greedy don’t see the flood coming. They have their eyes closed too tightly trying to shut out reality and wishing for the dream to just go on. They don’t get that, while they dream, the rest of us are in a nightmare. How does any of that tie to the Dayton Mayoral race? It all comes down to individual behavior and responsibility. If our citizens acted like responsible citizens, dogs wouldn’t be tossed out of windows or left to freeze to death on chains. You have no idea how many people shake their heads sadly when told of the realities of dog abuse but who will do not one single thing to help. Those same people are doing nothing to pitch in to help with any other problem. Community service should be a requirement in every city, for every individual, for the duration of life. My vote has to go for Rhine McGlin, because she gave the right answer to the BSL question, and, unless she’s an Academy Award winner, she was entirely sincere.… Read more »
David, Well, then, you know how you came across to at least on member of the audience. Consider yourself informed. Where do you stand on the issue I obviously care most about (BSL and support of anti-chaining ordinances, for a start)? Obviously, the city can do only so much to impact the treatment of companion animals, as they must align their own laws within the boundaries of OH’s poor excuse for protective legislation and penalties that reflect the crime committed (not only against the animals, but against the moral fiber of our species). Nonetheless, I want someone who has a clue about what to do to address the issues and make as big of a positive impact as possible or who is willing to listen to ideas of experts who do. Is that you? I do not believe for a moment that it is Mr. Leitzell, and, if what you claim about Rhine McGlin is true, than November is a sad month for Dayton. Perhaps he will gain some political saavy in the short time before the election and figure out how to address this issue with some facts behind him and in a way that will appease a significant block of voters. I recognize this is only local politics, but you gotta have thick skin to do the job well. I am not insulting anyone, I don’t think. Arrogance is not something you are born with; it is a characteristic defined by behavior, including demeanor. You attacked the current administration in a cocky way (in my opinion), and that is why I said you were arrogant. It was nothing personal, and I recognize that my perception enters significantly into the equation. Maybe you were just striving to be remembered, and what politician doesn’t need that? I try not to let first impressions be lasting, when facts give me a reason to make a change. The intelligent debate is appreciated, and this is nothing personal to me, although I realize that much more is at stake for you. Something you might want to consider in trying to appeal to the… Read more »
David Lauri

Urge any friends and family you have in California to vote in 2010 to protect marriage by banning divorce.  After all, traditionally a word like marriage meant marriage for life.  There was no divorce.

David Lauri

I’d like to thank Mayor Leitzell for continuing his predecessor’s tradition of proclaiming June to be Pride Month in the City of Dayton.

Ice Bandit

The Old Bandito has watched rival bikers brawl. Once provoked, they use chains, chairs, fists, two by fours or whatever is handy. Despite the savagery, these altercations tend to be stand-up fights that are over once the last punch is thrown. When rival factions of Democrats mix it up, they use lawyers, innuendo, back-stabbing, and their toadies in the media. Furthermore they are still pissed at each other 20 years later. When it comes to the throw-down, the Old Bandito prefers bikers to Democrats any day…..