Please protect insurance companies. They need our support.

This is about as dead on as it gets folks. Health insurance isn’t health care.

Hollywood speaks up, including Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant, Masi Oka, Jordana Spiro, Linda Cardellini, Donald Faison

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Ice Bandit

If this is Will Farrell’s latest attempt at satire, he should stick to shtick with adolescents shouting profanity. There is nothing wrong with our system that an inoculation of the free market wouldn’t cure. The Old Bandito was sitting in the Ohio House the day a gang of well intentioned and well dressed folks mau-maued Ohio lawmakers into mandating alcoholism treatment into health coverage. Not only did they immediately boost the cost of coverage in Ohio, they also voted to mandate treatment programs that have high failure rates (so much that drunks left alone recover at a like rate). Other states mandate coverage for everything from viagra to boob jobs. Why not let consumers style their own coverage the way they tailor their car insurance needs? And tell the med schools, AMA be damned, they should increase enrollments by at least 25 percent starting next academic year. Why should our government allow the importation of thousands of doctors from India, China and the Phillipines while simultaneously telling tens of thousands of capable graduates of American colleges they cannot become doctors because there isn’t sufficient school space? Most of the evil in the health care system are the result of government restriction and involvement, so why would anyone look to government to solve the problem? And puhleeeeeeeeeeese, spare me the indignity of talked down to and preached to by a bunch of overpaid, self-important Hollywood B-listers young enuff to be my grandkids……..


Funny, Will Farrell’s net worth is $40 million. So maybe he can pick up the tab.

What a jerk. He thinks it is funny while people are dying. Real funny Will. He is a loser.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Yes much better to listen to corporate media explain what is best for you and yours.  A trustworthy group that has turned out to be.  I do not hear too many old people bitching about the Medicare even as they waste thousands on old and fat people that should not have knees, hips or other life extending treatments.   I say catastrophic health insurance only, every thing else is negociated.  I especially think everyone should pay out of pocket for that most elective of all….CHILD BIRTH.  No tax credits no insurance coverage for the delivery.

Teri Lussier
Teri Lussier

I’m really not clear about the point of this video.
Am I to find it funny that people who make millions of dollars through entertainment, find the idea of a corporation making money, offensive? Seriously?
Propaganda, in any form, is disgusting.


Is this video supposed to be funny? I find it hilarious, just not in the fashion that I think you want me too. You have a bunch of movie stars talking about health insurance executives making millions of dollars in a Democratic free market state…Here is the part I think is so funny, You have Will Farrell who has an estimated worth of 230 million dollars (partly made by one of the worst movies of all time “Step Brothers”) preaching to us about Corporate execs making millions of dollars….lol What about Oprah? What has she done to earn her 3.9 billion dollars other than give away free Chevy Cars (kinda sounds like a Government I know….Giving away trillions of free dollars).  The fact of the matter is,  President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, & Mr. Reid are bigger thieves than any of these corporate Executives. I cant begin to tell you how many lies, scandals, & radical issues the Democratic party has been caught up in this year alone. “I did not inhale”  – “I did not have sexual relations with that lady” – “The unemployment rate will never reach 8% due to this stimulus package” – “I will focus on the real war (Afghanistan) immediately upon taking office as President of The United States” <—–Took him 3 months to decide to send 30k troops after his appointed General (mcchrystal ) asked for 40k and to top it all off listen to this clip from one of Mr. Obama’s biggest cheerleaders (LISTEN TO THIS). I would say to you, we have much bigger things to worry about than a few millionaire movie stars throw around Liberal Hollywood Propaganda.