Dayton Dirt Collective Goes 6ft under

The thing about ad hoc communities is that they are exactly that- ad hoc. Without strong leadership, focus and some kind of payoff, they disappear as quick as they come.

This announcement appeared the other day on the Dayton Dirt Collective site:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the immediate closing of the Dayton Dirt Collective. All scheduled events have been cancelled and we are working to transfer some of our resources to other arts organizations in Dayton. Thanks to everyone for your continued support of our venue and the Dayton music and arts scene. We think back on the countless hours devoted to making the space work and we want to especially thank all of the past and present board members and volunteers for your dedication and friendship.

The current members of the DDC intend to continue to work to showcase and support arts and music in Dayton and we encourage you to do the same. You can be sure that you'll see us around. In places like basement shows, Front street, or C}space, Dayton will continue to offer unique and compelling expression, art and music.

via Dayton Dirt Collective.

Dayton media and leadership will often blow things out of proportion- that this closing is a symbol of something else, but, today’s reality is that change happens faster than before, things are less permanent, and getting attached to the way things are is as archaic as using phone books, reading a printed newspaper or folding maps.

The Dayton Dirt Collective was a fun space for a party, but all parties have to end. Thanks to all of you who made it happen- it was a great time while it lasted.

We now have the South Park Tavern, growing it’s rep as a listening room- where it’s still possible for kids to go, eat pizza and listen to music- right next to people drinking a beer.

There will be something new- and, it won’t take very long….

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