Jane Mitakides Answers Questions on transportation systems

As of today, I’m officially the underdog, since Jane Mitakides got the endorsement of the Montgomery County Democratic party last night. I’d like to know what the other 3 Democratic Parties in the district think, but, apparently, there isn’t much interest in this race from their party Chairmen.

In her last outing for Congress, she answered some questions for the league of Women Voters- (I’m stuck with her old stuff, since she still doesn’t have a site up).

Her answers are pedestrian at best- and you can compare to mine (which have been collected over the years- not just for this election)

Jane Mitakides Answers Questions
What plans do you have to promote a more balanced transportation system?

I believe modernizing our transportation system is an integral part of real energy independence, as well as ensuring the mobility of an aging population. We should invest in making our current highway and surface-street transportation system more efficient, cut waste in our current public transportation system, and begin to look ahead to light rail and other means of efficiently moving people from point to point. In this central hub area, I will make it a priority that our projects–like the suggested US-35 improvements through eastern Montgomery County–see fruition. Business relies on good transportation options, so a strong transportation system isn’t just good policy–it’s smart business, too.

I believe a modern transportation system includes high speed rail in SW Ohio, connecting Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton. See this search: High Speed Rail

I am not a favor of sprawl, which increases our dependence on not only foreign oil, but has huge costs in the upkeep of roads. I’ve been talking about reeling in sprawl quite a bit- and had a category dedicated to it: Sprawl

But, my major policy game changer, is the end of corporate relocation welfare- where municipalities, states, compete for businesses to move to their jurisdiction by giving away tax abatements. My proposal is to make these illegal, and instead, only offering a tax credit for employees that can walk to work- and offer a tax credit for companies buying public transportation passes for employees- making it good business for public transit to be used. I spoke of this first here: August 1, 2006. Note, I wasn’t running for office then- so I wrote this without any ulterior motives: Go see “An Inconvenient Truth”

So, if you are still wondering why Jane Mitakides should be your pick for Congress, take a look at her tired answers, and the new fangled Esrati Platform, delivered in full Web 2.0 for your election pleasure.

Ideas are my currency in this campaign. Jane, well, she wants to buy her own seat in Congress: Jane’s donations to herself in 2004

$61,538 is more than a lot of people in this district make in a year. Maybe Jane should just mail checks to voters (It’s all the rage these days- it’s our Federal Governments short sighted solution to the economic crisis- you can see my ideas here Economic Stimulus the Esrati way) and buy their votes?

I want to earn yours.

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