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Obama releases high-speed rail plan

[UPDATE 17 April] The original title of this post was: “Obama unveils high-speed rail plan without Ohio on it” My reader, Cartophiliac, found the link to a map- and yes- Ohio is on it. It seems Obama didn’t ignore us, just the New York Times. However, there are comments, and some info about the Greyhound Read More

From the campaign trail: Wright Library Dem Congressional Candidates night 8 Feb 2012

The previous post has my questioning Sharen Neuhardt about where her money came from in her failed attempt to run in OH-7 four years ago for an open seat against Steve Austria. But, as always, there was a lot more to the evening. We met with about 15 or so Dems in the basement meeting Read More

Trains, rails and a whole lot of hot air.

I attended the Grassroots Greater Dayton meeting tonight. I find it amazing how every meeting of this organization draws a different crowd (I apologize for not telling my loyal readers in advance of this one). Each audience is different- focused on their own agendas, which is a big part of the reason that we have Read More

Hodge podge governance costs us all

Welcome to the Not Really United States of America. We have a state where prostitution is legal, another where booze is almost not, we have some where pot is legal for medical, some for recreational, and then communities in our area where pot dispensaries are already banned, before medical pot is even legal. We solved Read More

Photo of scooter knocked over by Derecho winds in Downtown Dayton Ohio

Third world infrastructure in the United States

Last Thursday, July 26, 2012, was confirmation day: The United States is indeed a third world nation. My partner in life was supposed to fly back from LA to JFK to CVG (Cincinnati). Her flight out of LA was delayed, then when she got to JFK, her flight to Cincinnati was cancelled due to “weather” Read More

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