Jane Mitakides finally launches a “site”- send money…

Knowing that people can’t spell Mititkadis, Mitakedes, Miticades, Mitakeyedes, well, you get the idea, she has www.jane08.com- which is nothing more than a “Send me your money” so I don’t have to pay my way to Congress site:

Jane Mitakides for Congress
It is time for serious change in America and nowhere is it more urgent than right here in OH-3. The challenges are complex, but there is no problem we cannot solve, if we have the resolve.

This is a “Blue” district now –Gov. Ted Strickland carried this district with 56% — so change IS on the way.

I am running for Congress because I believe in the greatness of America, an America that would never allow 300,000 veterans to be homeless, schools to fail, children to go without basic healthcare, and cronies to prosper while cities and small businesses fail.

Please join me, and together we will restore confidence and hope and the America I believe in so deeply.

I guess, the part about Strickland running against Ken Blackwell for an open seat is a bit different than running against a well funded opponent, who isn’t perceived to be a total failure, escapes her.

It’s up to you to make the choice- ideas or ideology. The new ideas are here.

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