How spineless Dems “in power” can rationalize supporting my campaign

“Of course, once you win the primary, you’ll have my support” said one elected.

Another worries that I’m a “loose cannon” and that I may hurt their thin skinned brethren by saying something honest like, “he’s been in office 3.5 years, and hasn’t done a thing”.

It’s not the power of my ideas, it’s all about style to these local “leaders.”

Just remember, Apple Computer fired Steve Jobs.

So, if you are a local Democratic big-wig, and need to rationalize how to endorse me (after I called on the entire party, in front of God and the Central Committee to endorse Jane Mitakides before the filing deadline so our party wouldn’t look weak) here is the answer you need:

“We should wholeheartedly endorse Esrati as a sacrificial lamb, sent off to slaughter. At least, he may act more like a lion than a lamb, and tenderize Turner for the next election cycle, after all, why should we send someone we like to get beat like a wet blanket. And, we can’t make commercials like that and get them up on YouTube and work the web like he can- maybe we can learn something by watching him work.”

Yeah, print that out and carry it in your wallet, since you seem to forget, the people of this country will elect any moron if you spin them right- need proof, look at our President.

Maybe the public is really ready for change, new ideas, and maybe even a candidate who has the guts to say: money has to stop buying policy. Yeah, and if he gets embarrassed enough, maybe he’ll just go away.

Then again there are always these words to live by: “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It takes character to stand up to the powers that be. Will I be judged by the power of my ideas – or is that just the dream of an idealist?

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