It looks like I’m following instructions: 101 Things To Do – OLPC (for once)

You can learn a lot from your web stats- what people come to your site for on a search, can lead back to other authoritative pages. So when I saw that “How to end poverty” brought people to my site, I found my site is one of the top ranked pages on Google (and I could only imagine what it would become if I was elected to Congress).

Also on the list was a Wiki from the One Laptop Per Child Foundation that had a list called 101 Things to do- (there are actually more than 101) and part of the list is here (in order):

101 Things To Do – OLPC

  • Run for an office that has responsibility for such things.
  • Blog your experiences.
  • Write e-mails to the editors of publications that should cover these issues, or are covering them wrong.
  • Tell your friends and neighbors.
  • Create your own Web page.
  • Lobby the US government to increase foreign aid from 0.2% of GDP to the 0.7% it made a commitment to.

So, even if I don’t win the endorsements of any local “authorities”- I’ve been on path for at least the last 16 years, and blogging them for the last 3. Only a few of you will remember this, but at least 10 years ago, I used to publish a weekly ‘zine by e-mail that addressed City issues.

I think our country would do much better equipping children in developing nations with laptops than by keeping troops stationed around the world.

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