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How spineless Dems “in power” can rationalize supporting my campaign

“Of course, once you win the primary, you’ll have my support” said one elected.

Another worries that I’m a “loose cannon” and that I may hurt their thin skinned brethren by saying something honest like, “he’s been in office 3.5 years, and hasn’t done a thing” [1].

It’s not the power of my ideas, it’s all about style to these local “leaders.”

Just remember, Apple Computer fired Steve Jobs [2].

So, if you are a local Democratic big-wig, and need to rationalize how to endorse me (after I called on the entire party, in front of God and the Central Committee to endorse Jane Mitakides before the filing deadline so our party wouldn’t look weak [3]) here is the answer you need:

“We should wholeheartedly endorse Esrati as a sacrificial lamb, sent off to slaughter. At least, he may act more like a lion than a lamb, and tenderize Turner for the next election cycle, after all, why should we send someone we like to get beat like a wet blanket. And, we can’t make commercials like that and get them up on YouTube [4] and work the web like he can- maybe we can learn something by watching him work.”

Yeah, print that out and carry it in your wallet, since you seem to forget, the people of this country will elect any moron if you spin them right- need proof, look at our President.

Maybe the public is really ready for change, new ideas, and maybe even a candidate who has the guts to say: money has to stop buying policy. Yeah, and if he gets embarrassed enough, maybe he’ll just go away.

Then again there are always these words to live by: “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It takes character to stand up to the powers that be. Will I be judged by the power of my ideas – or is that just the dream of an idealist?

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WOW! This post has been up for 24 hours with no comments. I might as well get the ball rolling….. Once again I think you are showing that you are your own worst enemy! I’ve talked before about your “name calling” and you’re doing it again here. Tell me, why would those “in power” want to give you any sort of endorsement, EVEN IF YOU WIN THE PRIMARY, after you call them spineless?? And, for the second time in a couple of weeks, you make mention of how stupid you think the average voter is since, after all they were dumb enough to elect GWB. I don’t know what the GWB / JK vote split was in OH-3 (although I’m sure Greg or Jeff will look at the stats and let us know), but I would expect that you need the votes of a large number of those GWB voters if you ever expect to get to Washington. So why, after you’ve implied they’re stupid, would the average voter want to cast their vote for you?? Quite frankly, I think that both R’s and D’s in OH-3 are ready for a change. Had SS’s campaign not imploded in ’06, I think that she might have beaten MT. Here was a reasonably attractive, incredibly nice person campaigning on the idea of the “Citizen Legislator” / small business person (hmmm, sound familiar??) and doing quite well until… well, you know. I know personally of many C’ville R’s that had planned on voting for her. And, considering that Chema was a relative unknown until Sept ’06 or so, I think he made a fairly impressive showing against MT. You’ve already been told by others that you need to learn to “make nice” if you expect to make any changes. You may have great ideas and great intentions, but if you don’t make it to DC, you’re just another annoying person with a blog. If you don’t change your style somewhat (don’t change who or what you are, but you’d better work on those delivery skills!!) you will never be judged by the power… Read more »


DON’T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH, DAVID!! I never said not to be honest. Honesty is a great value and we need more of it in politics as well as life in general.

But, tact and good taste are good values as well and both are essential in life. As an example, it might be (brutally) honest to walk up to some lady in Krogers and say “Lady, that is one ugly baby you’ve got there! And you’re fat too!” But, what purpose does that serve? All you’ve done is piss off the (fat) lady (with the ugly baby) and you’ve accomplished nothing positive. While I’m not advocating that you lie and tell the lady that she has the body of Twiggy and a beautiful baby, sometimes it’s just best to keep your mouth shut.

Remember, words can cause a lot of damage and they can (and will) come back to haunt you. I’m taken back to December (?) when you called Joey W. something (don’t remember the specifics) because you didn’t like the way he (didn’t) voted on the “gay rights” thing. Even though you say that you and Joey are friends and can agree to disagree, when you start with the name calling you’re getting past disagreement and making personal attacks. I can’t speak for Joey, but I would guess that the incident is still in the back of his mind and the next time you do something similar it’s going to be one more strike. Eventually, enough of this crap is going to get you ignored by what will become your “former” friends.

Again, my advice (as well as the advice of others that read this blog) is to learn a little tact. It will get you listened to instead of dismissed.

Good Luck!


“It takes character to stand up to the powers that be. Will I be judged by the power of my ideas – or is that just the dream of an idealist?”

You will be judged by the power of your ability to make your ideas happen.

You have decent ideas but expect others to make them happen. YOU have to be committed to make them happen and that takes work. A leader is someone who takes people from where they are to a place they have never been before. Not just someone with good ideas.

I guess this was what I was trying to tell you when I met you at the meet up last year.


“You have decent ideas but expect others to make them happen.”

Most Democrats/liberals fall into this mentality – usually wanting Government to “make it happen.” Democrats need to “JUST DO IT” and they will see the results they want – but I am afraid that will never happen.

But maybe David can be that guy.


From someone else who has been accused of ‘being honest, to-a-fault’, I have to agree with Juan on this one David. A little couth goes a long way. Standing up for what you believe in earns respect; calling people names (even if the name fits) does just the opposite. There will most definitely be those that say . . . . “Way to go, David! Tell it like it is.” But I’m afraid those are probably the ones that don’t go to the polls on election day.

J.R. Locke

I got no problem with the way you say things Mr. Esrati. I enjoy your frankness. The biggest problem in the Democratic party is the fear of upsetting special interests. The fear of mixing it up with ideas. It doesn’t help the media focuses so vehemently on not what is said but the way things are said.

Political niceness and tact isn’t going to win this gerrymandered district. Be bold my friend.