Houses of “representatives”? Esrati produces 2nd YouTube spot- priceless

The “House of Representatives” is supposed to represent the general population. The seat is only held 2 years at a time. Perfect for the citizen leader. However, we now have a bunch of millionaire lawyers in the House- and it’s not about to change.

I did a little digging so that residents of Ohio-3 can see what kinds of houses the candidates live in- so they can see who best represents them. Numbers are straight off Montgomery County property records.

Jane Mitakides lives in a 6,446 square foot house, with a value of $716,000- it’s in the “Private Community” called “Country Place” in Centerville.

Michael R. Turner lives in a smaller house, 3,612 square feet, with a value of $457,720. It’s in the gated community of Stone Lake. From what we can tell on the property records- there is no mortgage on this house.

I live in the South Park Historic district in a 1,962 square foot house, with a value of $66,310. I bought the house on Jan 28, 1986 for $14,500. I can assure you, thanks to being a small businessman, it’s mortgaged to the hilt.

The spot is a takeoff on the Mastercard Priceless campaign, it’s been one of the greatest ad campaigns that has stood the test of time.

I hope you enjoy our take on it.

I’ve also made it available as a downloadable podcast version on iTunes or here- so you can take it on your iPod or iPhone and share it with your friends.


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