Montgomery County Democratic Party finally rebuilds site

In the better late than never, they had to finally address the fact that they had the 2006 candidates listed- and no RSS. Must have hired someone competent- finally. I offered to rebuild the site for them and teach them how to do this in 2006.

Home page of Montgomery County Democratic Party site

and while it’s still under construction, the inside is illuminating-

Montgomery County Democratic Party how to get involved page

With less than 3 weeks to the primary- it’s about time they decided to use the web properly.

Of course, it’s only for the endorsed candidates- which will create a big problem if the non-party- endorsed candidates like me, Charles Sanders or Vic Harris happen to win. If it was truly a DEMOCRATIC party- they would be encouraging all Democrats to run, and to let the people of Montgomery County decide in DEMOCRATIC fashion.

How do you feel about having decisions made in a locked room, by a secret society- on who should be the next democratic candidate? Let the party know- through their contact info: oops, that’s not up yet- so try the webmaster.

Thanks to Rob D. for pointing this out:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet-translates to About The Montgomery County Democrat Endorsments

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4 Comments on "Montgomery County Democratic Party finally rebuilds site"

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Thats good because that last site sucked. I voted for you today!!!

Russ Joseph
Russ Joseph

Here’s my post from your previous rantings, in case you missed my point:

“David- if you can do one thing well it’s beating dead horses. MCDP operates behind closed doors huh? Here are some facts instead of whatever crap you’ve managed to make yourself believe. The Screening Committee consists of people who represent every part of the Democratic party, including: Ward Leaders, representatives from the various Dem clubs throughout the county, a few elected officials, attorneys and business folks, labor folks, other community leaders from various non-profit organizations, and grassroots folks. I’m probably forgetting others at the moment, but I think that’s a fairly good representation of our community.

But that’s only half the story. The Screening Committee, as you know, but fail to talk about, only recommends a candidate be endorsed to the Central Committee of the Party. The Central Committee is made up of the hundreds of precinct captains throughout the County. Precinct Captains are elected by all the Democrats in their precinct to represent their interests in the Democratic Party. The Central Committee is the body that chooses whether or not to endorse a candidate. So please put the “behind closed doors” rant to rest. If you don’t believe in Representative Democracy, then I’m not sure what else to tell you.”

David Esrati
David Esrati

Russ- repeating yourself doesn’t make you right.
The Montgomery County Democratic party screening committee is around 50% union- while the general population is only 12.5% union.
Yes, the screening committee recommends candidates- from their back room, locked door sessions- and the Central Committee- which is missing precinct leaders in around half of it’s precincts- then ratifies the decision- without hearing any of the candidates speak- or debate.
If the system is so good- why don’t you endorse in the presidential primary in this fashion- I bet the party would lose at least half of it’s loyal supporters.
The system is broken. Need proof: Mike Turner was elected Mayor of a city that’s 90% dem. You can tell me anything you want- the truth is evident to everyone else.

David Esrati
David Esrati

And by the way, Russ- go try to comment on your “endorsed candidates” site.
It’s funny how the only time she steps foot in Democratic Party Headquarters is when she wants something.