Montgomery County Democratic Party finally rebuilds site

In the better late than never, they had to finally address the fact that they had the 2006 candidates listed- and no RSS. Must have hired someone competent- finally. I offered to rebuild the site for them and teach them how to do this in 2006.

Home page of Montgomery County Democratic Party site

and while it’s still under construction, the inside is illuminating-

Montgomery County Democratic Party how to get involved page

With less than 3 weeks to the primary- it’s about time they decided to use the web properly.

Of course, it’s only for the endorsed candidates- which will create a big problem if the non-party- endorsed candidates like me, Charles Sanders or Vic Harris happen to win. If it was truly a DEMOCRATIC party- they would be encouraging all Democrats to run, and to let the people of Montgomery County decide in DEMOCRATIC fashion.

How do you feel about having decisions made in a locked room, by a secret society- on who should be the next democratic candidate? Let the party know- through their contact info: oops, that’s not up yet- so try the webmaster.

Thanks to Rob D. for pointing this out:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet-translates to About The Montgomery County Democrat Endorsments

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