Get Urban speaker in Dayton Oct. 4- Free!

From Bill Pote and Dayton MostMetro – an event!

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Kyle Ezell is the founder of Get Urban, Ltd. and is so passionate about city living that he has written two books on the subject:
Get Urban! The Complete Guide to City Living
Retire Downtown: The Lifestyle Destination for Active Retirees and Empty Nesters.

Kyle is a certified city planner, instructor of downtown housing at Ohio StateRetiredowntown_2 University, and since 2005 has been a keynote speaker on the topic of urban living in cities all over the country – including San Francisco, Chicago, Columbus and more. He has organized “Ruppie” parties to help attract active suburban empty nesters to downtown neighborhoods (we have several Ruppies here in Downtown Dayton). And he has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Cool Town Studios, Columbus RetroMetro and yes – here on

On Thursday, October 4th – we will be throwing a Get Urban Miami Valley party at the Top of the Market (starting at 5:30pm). This is a free event – so come out and check out exactly why us urban dwellers simply love our urban lifestyle. Who knows, you could become our neighbor very soon!

Something to get the urbanites together….  maybe a cash bar too?

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