When the going gets tough, the “leader” goes running…

I was listening to American Public Media’s Marketplace the other day (I download the podcasts and listen on my iPhone – since I’m almost never home at 6:30pm to listen on WYSO) and heard them talk about what makes a difference to financial markets. It’s only 2 things- ready?

  • Confidence
  • Perception

That’s it.

So, when people make fun of the ideas that I present for Dayton Public Schools– involving new technology, new ways of organizing tutoring and sports, and integrating with the City recreation programs- I wonder, are we afraid of being perceived as leaders, or exuding confidence by doing some unconventional things?

But, then, I see that our fearless leader, isn’t really still our fearless leader in today’s paper:

Mack in running for job in South
Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Percy Mack is a finalist for superintendent in Mobile, Ala., and he expects to interview Wednesday.

If you want to send a message of no-confidence- interviewing for jobs is a great way to do it.

Two things need to be answered asap:

  • Is there a number 2 to step up the moment Dr. Mack bolts town?
  • Why shouldn’t the board fire Dr. Mack and get someone who knows how to say no?

Having a CEO who is looking for a job sends the wrong message. Maybe Dr. Mack is frustrated by being told when and how much he can ask for on a levy? Maybe, the candidates for the board scare him? Maybe, he figures that with the district slipping back into academic watch- this is the best time to leave?

What we need now is bold, visionary leadership- and as far as I’m concerned, Mobile- you can have him. He’ll probably bail on you too in your moment of need.

Dr. Mack really only has one option- tell Mobile, thank you, but no thanks. I’m here to make a difference, and I’m not done yet- if he really has the skills to lead our district.

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