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UltraCell = UltraRipOff

The Dayton Business Journal reports today that UltraCell, which has had its hand out since it landed in Vandalia- is closing operations in Ohio. Politicians make lousy venture capitalists- since the money they are playing with is our tax dollars. And don’t just consider the money that we put into this venture as a waste- Read More

PTAC needs defib STAT

With the shutting down of EMTEC the Southwest Ohio office of PTAC (which serves 33 counties) is about to flatline. If the government acronyms mean nothing to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Why you should care is another matter. EMTEC was the “Edison Materials Technology Center” or if you read their site: …is a Read More

Another reason to end local “economic development” efforts by government

In the continuing saga of incompetence in crony capitalism in Dayton, we now can thank the Dayton Daily News for finally uncovering a failure by the powers that be in handing out cash to private businesses. Note, that this was money that was put aside as payola for allowing Waste Management and the Danis Corporation Read More

For the economic development gurus in Montgomery County

We’re investing our future in cutting edge technology. The four key industries according to the wizards who adopted “Get Midwest” as our rally cry- say they are: Advanced Materials and Manufacturing The unique and compelling nature of our industry allows us to quickly transform innovations into processes and products. Aerospace R&D The advances achieved by Read More

Improving Ohio’s business user interface

Ohio spends millions of dollars trying to “create jobs” and “attract business” to our state. Then we spend millions of dollars persecuting those very same companies because our bureaucrats don’t know how to build an efficient system with a smart user interface to collect fees and taxes. Overly complex systems, spread out over multiple divisions Read More

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