McLin funeral home problems posted on in Sep. 2009

Astute readers of the comments section of this blog would have seen comments from “Sarah” pointing out the problems with the McLin Funeral Home license in Sept. 2009. These were posted in response to my story revealing that the mayor was using city employees to pick up her campaign donations- exposed when they called the bomb squad over a porcelain pig.

BOTH should be closed – per the Board of Embalmer & Funeral Directors for State of Ohio – one location is officially closed due to new ownership. The other according to the SoS has been SUSPENDED/On HOLD due to non-payment of franchise taxes. Not like she or her father ever did ANYTHING above board with the business.

and in a follow up comment- this link appeared:

Which links to the state document of April 7, 2009

via Bomb squad follies part deux: Mayor McLin and the porcelain pig.

Of course, nothing was done to prosecute the mayor for her misuse of city employees- nor, was the issue of the license pursued while she was in power.

We had to wait for a Republican governor- and a legislature that rejected her appointment to the State Lottery Board.

McLin Funeral Home Inc., the longtime family business of the late state Rep. C.J. McLin, has been operating as a business even though the state canceled its authority to do so nearly two years ago, according to a lawsuit against the funeral home and a spokesman for the state tax department.

The funeral home, 2801 N. Gettysburg Ave., could be padlocked also as the result of an order granted last week by a Montgomery County judge in a separate lawsuit.

State records show the funeral home had its articles of incorporation/certificate of authority canceled in April 2009 for failure to pay franchise taxes. Gary Gudmundson, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Taxation, said Monday those documents remain canceled.

“They are not licensed to do business in the state,”

via McLin Funeral Home operating despite revoked license.

In reality- Ohio business licensing, permitting and taxing regulations are so arcane and screwed up- it’s pretty simple to screw up. I’ve written before about the horrible user interface of the “Ohio Business Gateway” which should be named the “Ohio Business Gatekeeper.”

While the McLins’ private business dealings would be of minimal interest to the general public if they weren’t one of the Kingpins in La Cosa Montgomery County- or as I call them “The Monarchy of Montgomery County” – the failure of the authorities to investigate and prosecute Rhine McLin while in office for using city staff to pick up her campaign mail is even more indicative of the level of corruption in our county.

It would be nice that when Matt Heck (I can’t call him a prosecutor since he rarely prosecutes cases) runs for re-election- if we had several choices to choose from for his replacement. I don’t care about his 95% conviction rate- if he only prosecutes 5% of the cases- I want a prosecutor who goes after the lawbreakers- in and out of office to make sure that the McLins are held as accountable as the rest of us.

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