It’s still the economy, stupid.

I was going door-to-door last night for Barack Obama in my neighborhood. This time the list was pretty inclusive- every registered voter. On the homes without any registered voters (and there weren’t many) I went up and tried to register people.

I only ran into a few that thought they were voting for McCain. One, claimed he was against Obama because he’s a member of the NRA and they keep telling him that Obama will take away his guns. I had to explain that even if the President and Congress and the Supreme Court all got a case of the stupids overnight, that it was highly unlikely that someone would take his toys.

With just a short discussion of where the money is coming from that funds the 2 candidates- he started to understand why Obama was probably a better choice for his family. Then when I discussed the crazy CEO pay of insurance company CEO’s and the boys who screwed up Bear Sterns- and then got bailed out with his tax dollars- change sounded real good.

I dutifully asked everyone what the most important issue to them was off the list of issues (including “guns”) and everyone said the same thing: Economy.

So, wake up America, it’s still the economy, stupid.

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