FBI and DOJ fail us again: “Operation Demolished Integrity” indictments

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Today, in what will probably be his last press conference as the US District Attorney, Ben Glassman laid an egg. Six months after telling the people of Dayton that we had a “Culture of Corruption” he once again failed to name any major players or fully spell out the extent of the corruption.

Taking yet another run at the Demolition King of Dayton, Steve Rauch, the charges basically say Rauch used a minority couple as a false front (Green Start Trucking) to gain a competitive advantage in the bid process. That Joyce Cameron was the Mayor of Trotwood is almost immaterial. In effect, he was just setting up a shell company so he could do more work, while pretending to be their subcontractor. This is almost the same thing that he did with Clayton Luckie. So, instead of a huge revelation about “public corruption” we’re still back to one bad player who did a ton of business in town with folks who were happy to give him business.

Those folks remain out, running business as usual and pretending there is no “culture of corruption.”

To think Steve Rauch did this all by himself is a joke. Someone’s been awarding these contracts all along- and still not indicted.

And Rauch isn’t the only dirty person in the demolition game. A long time ago I was asking why a Westerville businessman was giving $10K donations to Rhine McLin and $5K to Nan Whaley. His name? Kitt Cooper, and he owns a landfill. Hello, Mr. Glassman? Special Agent Deters?

The reality is that Dayton is a “pay to play” operation for contractors. If you’re winning contracts, you greased the wheels with the political mafia I like to refer to as the “Monarchy of Montgomery County” who have been so corrupt for so long that they don’t know right from wrong. They’ve normalized corruption.

And the FBI and the DOJ can’t seem to do anything about it- fast enough. Word is that Mr. Cameron has stage 4 cancer. Glassman is done on Halloween, he resigned his post.

You can read the indictment of “Operation Demolished Integrity” and once again realize that the amounts the Cameron’s accepted are chump change compared to the millions that have flowed to Rauch over the years. Yet, the Feds can’t put two and two together and actually haul some people out of City Hall, CityWide, the County building etc. These campaign coffers keep getting fat for a reason- and it ain’t because the people in Dayton are fat, flush and happy with their leadership and throw money at them.

I’ve been compiling information on the same folks that the FBI and the DOJ have, and have enough information now to do their job. The question is why should I have to put a target on my back to expose the people that Glassman and Deters refuse to?

Stay tuned. I may decide to put an end to all this beating around the bushes before the election, or whatever you want to call it- “auction to the highest bidders” that is held on Nov 5th.


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