Chris Shaw, Matt Joseph and their dirty money

Yesterday, Nan Whaley said she looked back ten years at her campaign finance reports, and didn’t see any donations from Steve Rauch.

Chris Shaw gets $3000 from Steve Rauch on 5/31/2016

She should have looked over her friend Chris Shaws. On 5/31/2016 Chris got $3,000 from Mr. Rauch, 1550 “Solidiers Home-West Carrollton R” Dayton OH 45066 via check.

Or at Matt Josephs.
He got $1000 from Steve Rauch on 10/8/2011

Matt Joseph gets $1000 from Steve Rauch on 10/8/2011

Matt Joseph gets $1000 from Steve Rauch on 10/8/2011

Here are their campaign finance reports.

thumbnail of Joseph Matt 2011ADA

Click on image to download PDF of Matt Josephs 2011 Campaign Finance report

thumbnail of Shaw, Chris 2016 Annual reportADA

Click on image to download PDF of Chris Shaw’s campaign finance report PDF

Maybe the incumbents who don’t believe in the culture of corruption should give Mr. Rauch back his campaign donations- since he was indicted yesterday for a whole bunch of Federal offenses.

Of course, Matt and Chris have both said they don’t believe there is a “culture of corruption” in Dayton Ohio, which the FBI and DOJ both said there was, again, yesterday.

Think before you vote people. Campaign finance is how we get the best politicians money can buy.


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