Why should you support Gary Leitzell?

We’ve yet to see a real debate between the candidates for Mayor. However, as someone who has watched them go through their paces, night after night, the difference becomes clear: one is a professional politician going through her coached responses (heartfelt as they may be) and the other is someone with a passion for innovating. They have traveled very different paths through life, one very safe- and the other, more carefree.

But, the thing that becomes increasingly clear- is that one is able to change course, to adapt, to think on his feet and take chances. His well measured response to the Dayton Daily News endorsement of the status-quo is an indication of his superior leadership skills- read the whole text on Gary Leitzell’s site, but here is my favorite part:

The incumbent mayor has 20 years of political experience and because of this, she is better qualified to lead the city? Let me state this. You can have all the experience in the world. It does not mean that you are good at your “job.” After all, experience is just a term we give to our mistakes. If quality of one’s work sets a standard for experience, I excel. I have the cumulative experience of a rich and rewarding life over the last 20 years. Not one year of political experience 20 times. How Dayton is marketed by our “leader in tough times” is clearly reflected in how she markets herself. Look around you and count the number of green/white/black signs you see on vacant lots or abandoned properties. Quality marketing? After November 3rd I hope the DDN is willing to hire the incumbent mayor to market their paper for 4 years since they feel she is the “Best” choice in this election and my feeling is that she will need a job.

via Dayton Mayor: Setting the record straight. Gary Leitzell responds to the DDN editorial endorsement..

Should Gary lose, and I win (both long shots by standard political standards) I would have no problems working with Mayor McLin. At one time, we were much closer friends.

I hope to have video from 2 candidates nights up by end of today (video compression for YouTube can be very quirky on long videos). We have another candidates’ night tonight: Linden Heights Community Council Candidates Night

I have no right to tell you who to vote for- but, I believe it is my mission in life to help keep you better informed, and thinking.

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