Dayton Daily “news” is still an establishment tool

There is a reason the three county commissioners asked for the Department of Justice to investigate the County Jail for civil rights violations, but you won’t see it in the Dayton Daily or “The Leader” Channel 7.

While 22/45 had no problem running my video– complete with the link on screen, the Cox papers are pretending the pepper spraying of a restrained inmate revealed on this blog at 7pm on Thursday night had nothing to do with it. In fact- it didn’t happen, won’t happen, until attorney Doug Brannon will file a lawsuit this week on behalf of Charles Alexander Wade.

Channel 2 purposefully did not mention or inform the public of the latest evidence that prompted the commissioners actions, going back to a lawyer for the case of Emily Evans- which is several years old.

They did list 7 other lawsuits/settlements in progress at the jail. And, they took credit for the story they stole and didn’t credit from my blog:

An I-Team analysis of jail housing data found that the majority of female inmates are white and most reside in larger dorm-style housing while the black female population was mostly housed in smaller, more crowded “rollover” cells.

Source: Civil rights probe into jail requested

In the county commissioners press conference two people specifically asked about the pepper spraying of Wade shown in my video, yet the paper cites their work as the reason for this new development:

The I-Team reported in November that one of those cases led to an ongoing federal probe into the pepper spraying of an inmate while she was in a restraint chair, and the disappearance of video and other records of the incident from the sheriff’s office. Dayton police say an investigation into whether the incident was a criminal assault is also ongoing.

Most recently, a homeless veteran sued the jail alleging he was beaten so badly by corrections officers that he was left permanently disabled and wheelchair bound.

The fact that the County Commission isn’t calling to close the jail, because it is unsafe, or asking for guarantees of safety for citizens in the jail, is a gross abdication of their responsibilities to the public. They fund the operation of this house of torture, danger and death. That it took 5 days to act is an indication of how unfit they, and every other political leader is in Dayton.

If any municipality allows their citizens to be locked up in Plummer’s Palace of Peril after reviewing the list of lawsuits, the video evidence of abuse of power in the torture of Mr. Wade, they should know that they are also at risk of being sued.

It’s time for the police chiefs of Montgomery County to meet and devise a safer way to detain and hold their citizens than allow them to risk life and limb in the county clink.

Options include sending inmates to other counties, calling for a private contractor to take over the jail, putting more people on home monitoring, setting up an improvised jail using part of the old Dayton Workhouse, or taking over the jail as a group.

Plummer is supposed to make a statement today. Anything less than his resignation, after he has  removed every supervisor in the jail is unacceptable.

As to the local news, you can get it here, or late from channels 22/45 or not at all from 2, 7 and the “Dayton Daily/when we can take credit for it/ news.”

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In the mean time, if you a subscriber to the Dayton Daily, take the time to pen a note to their “editor” Jana Collier and ask why they continue to not credit this site, or report news that is public knowledge thanks to

How else can we have checks and balances on the local politicians when the “press” is in their pockets?


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blubber blog
blubber blog

Yes. It seems the “press in their pockets” media bias also follows a national trend of the blatant irresponsibility of the media David?


Plummer cites “accreditaion” as an excuse for not investigating the abuse. “Accreditation” is nothing more than a purchased (at taxpayers expense) seal of approval.

new government
new government

The leader channel 7 or 2 does not live up to full whole reporting, only partial; only when it is politically correct will anything be reported.

22/45 at least did a full disclosure of evidence and gave credit reported to the source.

We now no when critical full disclosure of evidence in reporting we know where to turn.

Is it no wonder that they are hypocrites, including Cox media and NCR for moving their headquarters to Atlanta instead leaving us around in Dayton Ohio for later down the pike as less important.

As far as the investigation a huge PR campaign will ensue for damage control is what they will do. I believe they will call in a task force to sweep it under the rug so the carnage will not hurt themselves from shutting it all down. You can expect high fines and a slap on the hand and the establishment and status quo will continue.

We should look to what happened at Penn state and their football program. Criminal indictments and huge civil penalties were enforced.

It is ok for these individuals to bring criminals charges against the rest of us but for themselves no such chance.

This is a case of government too big to do wrong or fail. Lets hope it will be different this time not unlike the all the others that got swept under the carpet or a task force with no enforcement.

By the way it is not political it is just not about republican or democrat; it is about what took place with the evidence showing it.