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I grew up in Cleveland Heights, a few blocks away from Peter Benkendorf. For two Heights High grads to end up living a few blocks away from each other in Dayton 45 years later, and both involved as community advocates, is kind of amazing.

What’s not amazing, is that Peter has hijacked a community event he helped found- and taken the facebook account, the domain name, and redirected them to his new competing venture.

From his own website- “Involvement Advocacy” he describes the event:


3RD ON THIRD is an Eclectic Outdoor Market that takes place on the 3rd Sunday of the month on East Third Street in Dayton – hence the name.

A joint effort of The Collaboratory, the East Third Street Business Association and the Huffman Historic District, 3RD ON THIRD Eclectic Outdoor Market features local artists and artisans, antiques, crafts, collectibles, fair trade, clothing, jewelry, handmade items, food trucks and more.

3RD ON THIRD represents a first step in a larger strategic push to spark retail and residential development along East Third from Keowee to the intersection at Linden/Springfield and on into the Huffman Historic District, creating a diverse, vibrant, walkable and sustainable community that attracts a mix of young professionals, families, artists, and immigrants.

Source: Involvement Advocacy

But, now, he’s walked away from the people on Third Street- and set up to have “Third Sundays in Dayton” at the Front Street building- a few blocks away.

Great and fine. You have your event, the people on Third Street have their event on the same day- and people stroll from one to another.

Except, Peter decided to keep the domain, hijack the facebook page, and pretend the old event is moving and not still in business.

All I care about is the domain name, for which he has no right, or real use for. If he was truly the collaborator he claims to be:

In order to grow the Dayton region’s economic and social capital, the Collaboratory is providing the Collaborative Infrastructure—the physical space, portfolio of initiatives, engagement tools and support system for people from across the region to come together to imagine and act upon new possibilities for themselves, each other and the community, with a particular interest in downtown. These new possibilities will involve citizen, government, business, institutional, organizational and philanthropic participants and will impact how we live, work, play and learn.

Source: The Collaboratory | About

He’d hand over the domain name he’s squatting:
Expiration Date 18 Jul 2017
Registrant Name Peter Benkendorf
Registrant Organization: Involvement Advocacy

The members of his board:

  • Monica Schultz, President & Secretary – Principal, Windblown Communications
  • Anthony Colussi, Treasurer – Partner, Goldshot, Lamb & Hobbs, Inc.
  • Paul Benson, PhD – Interim Provost, University of Dayton
  • Jacqueline Gamblin – CEO, JYG Innovations
  • Rodney Veal – Artist and Educator, Sinclair Community College

You can be the pied piper of collaboration if you are truly a collaborator. If you start a community event, using an empty field to bring people together, it belongs to the community, not to one person. Mr. Benkendorf, I urge you- give up your domain name squatting, it’s not something to be proud of.

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This sounds like a half-story. Where is the information as to what Third Sundays is? I also saw that he just published that its an outdoor market? Your writing states that its a totally different operation because you walk literally two blocks (less if you parked between the two events) How are these two events different as opposed to joining together? This seems like your just getting mad at Peter because as usual you’re a pissed off guy that can’t ever be happy about anything that’s happening.


Yeah you deserve it; I guess you can run Third on Third right next door to the event he’s been working on for years as he’s moving it a block north still on Third. This literally is just you being angry to be angry instead of researching. I read this crap of a post and simply looked on Facebook, I guess that’s too much research…


My name is Nicholaus, not Nicholas. Third Sundays is not on First Street, its on Dutoit. Research my friend. It’s as simple as not getting angry about something you have no real business being angry about and demanding a domain that you don’t own, you just claim to have some sort of right to. It’s as simple as reading some basic updates. You’re claiming he’s a squatter and a thief without any sort of proof or even a claim that you ever even contacted him or asked him for a domain you don’t own. Instead you act like a jackass and insult people, people that I know are actually out there pounding the pavement and doing good for the city of Dayton, without trying to get into a political office, and obsessing more over their projects than trying to raise funds for their organization usually digging into their own pockets to make this a better place. If you’d like to continue Third on Third, possibly approach Peter and ask him for the domain instead of insulting someone and labeling them a thief and a squatter. As I said in earlier comments, you’re just angry for the sake of being angry. Be an agent of change, instead of a depressing road block for the possibility of good. All this misplaced anger is exactly why people begin to dislike you. You have good ideas, and then you do stupid stuff like telling people “Fuck You” in churches or getting in fights with children. You’d think you could see the errors in your ways as you try so damn hard to point out the errors in others. Goodbye. I’ve unsubscribed.


Do your homework dude. You’ve been lied to and in your eagerness to be obnoxiously angry you’ve made a fool of yourself. You have massively incorrect information and you’re just plain old lying about some items here. You might want to take some journalism classes before you try to do this sort of work in the future, or just stick to what you are actually very good at.


Dude. you’ve been lied to or you’re making stuff up. What’s wrong? You clearly know nothing about this market and those who do can see that there’s are massive problems with what you’re saying here. If you fancy yourself a journalist you might want to fact-check your sources before you launch an attack on anyone, let alone someone who is working to build a community up instead of tearing it down. This post is beneath you and insults and offends more people than just some old school pal.


My third grader can do a whois. If you can do the lookup then you know who owns a url and and that is who has a right to it. You don’t get to decide that, ICANN does. It’s interesting that someone who claims to be a champion of the little people can be so arrogant. IT’s interesting that someone who calls himself a journalist doesn’t bother researching facts. and it’s interesting that over the years this same person seems to be willing to sell his outrage to whatever client is in his office. Get over yourself. The rest of Dayton is.


Hi guys. I don’t typically make comments, but here are the facts. 3rd on Third is a market that was started by a group to be held on Third Street. Peter was a part of that team. Per Peter, the work of the market was to promote revitalization on Third Street from Keowee to Linden. As the first market manager, I personally have not only an inside scoop, but also a direct link to helping construct the market. Nicholaus (which, by the way auto corrects to Nicholas, so be kind about an unintentional misspelling), the new market that Peter and his wife Dot (who was the most recent market manager), along with a three others, is as David suggests a totally different operation. The new market is 1) a partnership with Front Street, 2) funding Collaboratory projects, and 3) a new team. So David is correct that the events are different. N, when you looked on Facebook, what you will see is that Facebook page that belonged to 3rd on Third hasn’t changed other than the name. If you do your research, then it will look something has happened even if it is not clear what at first glance. Regarding the angry, while I am not working with David on this project I have been privy to inside conversations and helping where I can to help putting it back together. While I am personally not anger, N, I can assure you that there is a lot of anger. The market should, as any successful market continue. I personally think it would have been great for Peter and the new team to launch a second market and show or talk about this as growth. Your feedback to David sounds personal and I might be wrong, but while I would have gone about this article differently, there is factual information here. Betty, the fact is that I bought the domain. Me. When I left the market, I handed it over to the people who were still working on the market. If the domain was handed over, just as it was expected of… Read more »

London Coe
London Coe

As a side note, I have zero problem with anyone. In fact, I am proud of what Peter hopes for the city and I want more off-your- butt buy in from residents. Dot, as I mentioned, has taken a great frame for a market and put her own stamp on it. Teri, another team member, is amazing and the biggest balls to wall, head down, hands dirty, get sh*t done person I know. They are a powerhouse of talent, undeniably. So we should be able to work something out.


Please note, I resigned from his board nearly two years ago.