April 2012

Montgomery County Board of Elections director Betty Smith to step down

Sources have informed esrati.com that Director Betty Smith (R) will be stepping down at the Montgomery County Board of Elections for health reasons. Smith just recently switched positions with Steve Harsman (D) for the director. Both are paid the same and the seat rotates from D to R on a regular schedule. It will be Read More

The first step in education reform is to test the politicians

We now do a lot of teaching to the test. Making sure that kids can pass tests created by private companies to gauge achievement. It’s a huge racket. We spend billions on tests, test prep and the time wasted in our already short school year. The same people who make the tests, make the textbooks,  Read More

AJ Wagner for Mayor site designed by DC firm Code and Politics

Questions for A.J. Wagner- our future mayor

Last night I let the community know about A.J. Wagner’s new Wagner for Mayor website. One of my readers has already claimed the twitter account that the Washington. D,C,. developers failed to claim, despite telling the world to follow @WagnerforMayor His fundraising button to ActBlue doesn’t work yet either. And, the brilliant D.C. developer also Read More

Screen Shot of AJ Wagner for mayor site

A.J. Wagner is running for mayor of Dayton

I missed the announcement- but the website is up: http://ajwagnerformayor.com/home/ telling us how much AJ Wagner believes in Dayton and he will… He’s been a career politician for at least two decades and a Montgomery County Democratic party insider. However, he quit his last elected position in an attempt to maneuver someone into his judgeship Read More

The Brush and Bucket- sign with a house getting a proper prep job

The tools of economic development were stolen last night

Just last week, I wrote about the costs of giving tax breaks to big businesses for promised jobs- while small business start-ups have huge obstacles. I spoke of the costs we all pay when we have to make up for the tax revenues that aren’t coming in. From my post: I’m watching a small start-up Read More

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