January 2012

Politicians against tax simplification: only in Ohio

When it comes to designing interfaces for software or websites, there is a simple test to see if you are doing things right: If it needs explanation to the user on how it works- it’s probably not optimal. If there are penalties extended for doing it wrong- then you have even more reason to go Read More

David Esrati campaign banner for Congress OH10 2012

Dayton Daily News: the new and improved myth

In today’s paper, we get to read that “Neuhardt running for 10th district” on page 3 of the local section. Really? The petitions were due over a month ago and approved. There are 6 Democrats and 3 Republicans running. The same press release can be found on her website: www.neuhardtforcongress.com, where it is the front Read More

Where oh where is Joe Roberts now?

Dayton, we have a problem. The last sacrificial lamb to the slaughter by Mike Turner has gone missing. Yes, the one endorsed by the Dayton Daily News: Joe Roberts also lists education as his top priority, seeking an “overhaul” of “the system.” He points to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown as a role model, and expresses Read More

A call for my fans. Star in a why I support Esrati video

If all you ever read about me was what you saw in the Dayton Daily News… Or, what you heard from the people in power whom I’ve questioned and exposed on this site…. Or from people who might have met me once- or thought they knew me…. You’d have some choice descriptions. The first time Read More

Don’t call it advertising- an ad from 1994 as relevant today as ever

It’s been hanging over my desk since my mother cut it out of the New York Times on Nov. 9, 1994, and sent it to me. A full page ad, placed by the folks at Ketchum Advertising who’d had enough of the filth that was being run by politicians on TV and on radio. It Read More

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