February 2009

If you are wondering why health care costs are high, look to CEO pay

I recently wrote a post about an uninsured friend’s trip to Miami Valley Hospital for three stitches from a clean cut. The total for 3 stitches: $1423.38 or $474.46 per stitch. This is criminal- as is what the CEO of a “nonprofit” hospital is paid. The Dayton Daily News did a little real reporting today Read More

Downtown Dayton Arena petition started

Well, as long as we’re not actually discussing if we need an ice arena or not, and we’re just talking about where to build one hypothetically, Bill Pote at Dayton Most Metro has put up a petition: Unlike the proposed Austin Landing arena, the downtown arena would take full advantage of existing infrastructure, adjacent parking Read More

It’s not up to Mayor McLin how to spend funds

Herein lies the problem with our city manager form of government and the way we do things in Dayton. We sent our part-time mayor to meet with the most powerful man in the country- to discuss our future, when in fact, our City Manager is supposed to be the one running our show. Their pay Read More

Montgomery County Democratic Party still up to old tricks

The petitions for the Dayton City Commission races aren’t due till March 6th. Doesn’t seem to matter to the Montgomery County Democratic Party which endorsed incumbents Rhine McLin for Mayor and Commissioners Joey Williams and Nan Whaley from the Central Committee floor back in their December meeting. Of course, you find no record of this- Read More

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