Downtown Dayton Arena petition started

Well, as long as we’re not actually discussing if we need an ice arena or not, and we’re just talking about where to build one hypothetically, Bill Pote at Dayton Most Metro has put up a petition:

Unlike the proposed Austin Landing arena, the downtown arena would take full advantage of existing infrastructure, adjacent parking garages, existing downtown hotels and the Dayton Convention Center. Additionally, the downtown arena would help bring more customers to the many existing restaurants and bars within walking distance. Finally, it would compliment the existing entertainment venues in Downtown Dayton – including the Schuster Performing Arts Center, Fifth Third Field, Neon Movie Theater and Oregon District.

Please help us show Montgomery County leaders that this Downtown Dayton Arena makes more sense and that you support this proposal as well as our Dayton Bombers by signing our online petition below. Simply provide your name, email address and zip code – and feel free to leave a comment.

via Downtown Dayton Arena » Downtown Arena Petition.

Since the only money that’s been proposed to fund it is through an increase in the Hotel/Motel tax, it may or may not go through.

Since Mandalay and RG Properties haven’t been forthcoming with their plans, it’s really just an argument for or against sprawl. Which instantly gets my signature in the anti-sprawl, downtown site.

In terms of locations for a new Arena, Dave Hall Plaza makes a lot of sense, with readily available parking, a hotel, and the convention center all right there.  I urge you to jump over and sign the petition and put your 2 cents in.

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