Montgomery County Democratic Party still up to old tricks

The petitions for the Dayton City Commission races aren’t due till March 6th. Doesn’t seem to matter to the Montgomery County Democratic Party which endorsed incumbents Rhine McLin for Mayor and Commissioners Joey Williams and Nan Whaley from the Central Committee floor back in their December meeting.

Of course, you find no record of this- or any useful information on their lame website:

No matter that the party may not all agree on the positions these elected officials have taken, no matter who else may run, no debate or even discussion and no notice in the meeting notice of an agenda item- it’s said and done.

It is sad that the Democratic party is the least democratic organization that I’ve ever been involved with.

It’s a good thing that in 2010 there will have to be an election for precinct chairs- and we have time to organize for change.

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