November 2007

Sinclair is dreaming.

Sinclair Community College trustees are getting an A+ for chutzpah. While diverting their attention and focus from Montgomery County in a scramble to provide services to Warren County- they are now asking Montgomery County voters for a 28% levy increase- while Warren County pays nothing. This levy will be on the same ballot as the Read More

News Flash: Spineless species of man discovered.

Apparently, a new species of men has been uncovered in Dayton Ohio, closely related to the Neanderthal Kneejerk Conservutus species who is best exemplified by Rush Limbaugh et. al. Dayton City Commissioners Dean Lovelace and Joey Williams, who have both benefited from the civil rights movement of the sixties, chose to show that they answer Read More

The Stone Soup Cafe- not quite ready for prime time- yet.

I try to be a locavore, so I was real excited to head to lunch at the newest, hippest local cafe, which just happens to be a long stones throw from the office. Got there, and guess what, the health department didn’t like the sink, so it will be next week before they have lunches Read More

Dayton Daily News shows bias in restaurant news

I’m not going to dig up the links on the DDN site- or try to tell you what days the stories ran (bad blogger)- but, there is a trend: stories about Downtown restaurants get bigger headlines than suburban ones when the news is bad. Case in point: The very large Villa D’Giovanni in Fairborn closed Read More

Joe Lacey needs a clue

I filmed an interview of Joe Lacey with Mike Robinette on Joe’s school board candidate slate- and his “ideas” about DPS.  I was totally unimpressed by him, his answers, his demeanor and bearing- I’d almost rather watch GWB talk- and that pains me no end. So, when a back link to my site showed that Read More

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