News Flash: Spineless species of man discovered.

Apparently, a new species of men has been uncovered in Dayton Ohio, closely related to the Neanderthal Kneejerk Conservutus species who is best exemplified by Rush Limbaugh et. al.

Dayton City Commissioners Dean Lovelace and Joey Williams, who have both benefited from the civil rights movement of the sixties, chose to show that they answer to a lynch mob of African American Ministers first, and the people of Dayton second.

Dayton commission passes anti-discrimination law
The City Commission voted 3-1 to add sexual orientation and gender identity to a list of protected groups. Commissioner Dean Lovelace was the sole “no” vote. McLin and Commissioners Matt Joseph and Nan Whaley voted for the measure. Joey Williams requested additional dialogue and did not vote.

With both Williams and Lovelace members of the Democratic party, this shows that either the party really isn’t that important to them, or they are Dems in name only. Both should be kicked out of the party for this.

I always laughed when the buzz against our sole Catholic president, JFK, was that he would be the Popes mouthpiece- but, I guess Williams and Lovelace prove that there isn’t a true separation of Church and State right here in Dayton Ohio.

Hopefully, this vote is the beginning of the end of their political careers. Williams can squirm on this all he wants, but, I find his kind of fence sitting particularly lame. Leaders make decisions when the time comes, not when it suits them.

Equal protection and equal rights are fundamental rights that this country was founded on. There is only one way to vote on this.

What do you think?

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