Dayton Daily News shows bias in restaurant news

I’m not going to dig up the links on the DDN site- or try to tell you what days the stories ran (bad blogger)- but, there is a trend: stories about Downtown restaurants get bigger headlines than suburban ones when the news is bad.

Case in point: The very large Villa D’Giovanni in Fairborn closed this week– and got a mere 2 inches in my print edition. The reasonably sized Encore- closed this week in Springboro- and got a mere 2 inches. Both had at least 30 employees- and new high rent buildings.

Today, the DDN reported about Dolcessa‘s future move to Brown Street from the Oregon District- about 12 inches or more- and a 3 column headline. Dolcessa employees maybe, 6 people.

They aren’t even closing yet- not until Nov. 30.

When the Blue Moon closed in the Oregon District, with their 20 employees- it was front page news. Same for Mediterra. Same for Olivias. Why the bias?

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