Joe Lacey needs a clue

I filmed an interview of Joe Lacey with Mike Robinette on Joe’s school board candidate slate- and his “ideas” about DPS.  I was totally unimpressed by him, his answers, his demeanor and bearing- I’d almost rather watch GWB talk- and that pains me no end.

So, when a back link to my site showed that Dayton Daily News educational blogger Scott Elliot had blogged my DaytonOS post on the poor campaign lit– I found Lacey had made yet another baseless accusation of my lack of substance (a position the DDN once took pride in making). I’ve included his whole quote:

School board candidates: Out of touch? | Get on the Bus | Observations on schools, kids, teachers, teaching and education by Scott Elliott, Dayton Daily News
By Joe Lacey

October 5, 2007 10:49 PM | Link to this
I must protest that I think my card does have some good information. I designed it to promote the three challengers, Taylor, Nerny and Crisp, because they represent change and I give examples of some bad board policies carried on by the current board. I point out the fact that the current board does not hold the administration to a budget, a bad board fiscal decision. All of the current board members but Jeffrey Mims have defended the $20 million purchase of the new administration building, another bad board decision that I point out on the card. The card also suggests that our historic school buildings don’t have much of a chance under the current board. I think that this is pretty clear from the board’s history. I included my phone number if anyone wants to call me for any more information and my email address was omitted by a printing error. If David Esrati is so interested in school issues he should address those that I raise on my card…rather than how pretty or low tech my card is.
(bold and italics mine)

I’ve been interested in school issues since I first ran against Clay Dixon and Mike Turner in the Mayors race back in the late 80’s. Turner used to mock me for suggesting the city sue to lift the DeSeg order- and then later took credit when he got it lifted. At this point- Joe was still a Democratic Party pissant with a patronage job (not much different than now- only he’s a school board member too).

I’ve got a whole category of suggestions on how to fix DPS. More than he’s got anywhere- or any of the “Candidates” had.

And the thing that bugs me more than anything- by posting my opinion on DaytonOS we gave people a real comment stage- unlike the lame one on the Dayton Daily News site- with e-mail updates to those who comment- the ability to use HTML to link to sources- and to continue the discussion for as long as you want. No comments. The DDN blog- has plenty of great comments- and I can’t post a reply now- since they’ve closed it (without telling you until after you’ve written a response). The real discussion is here- or at DaytonOS- not on Scott Elliot’s blog.

Daytonians need to wake up. And, Joe Lacey needs to get his own blog- before he continues to talk trash.

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