The Stone Soup Cafe- not quite ready for prime time- yet.

Photo of the Storefront of the Stone Soup Cafe on Xenia Ave in Dayton OHI try to be a locavore, so I was real excited to head to lunch at the newest, hippest local cafe, which just happens to be a long stones throw from the office.

Got there, and guess what, the health department didn’t like the sink, so it will be next week before they have lunches ready. Right now, it’s coffee and pancakes or waffles.

Here is a link to their site- it’s on MySpace- – The Stone Soup Cafe – 100 – Male – DAYTON, Ohio –
“625 Xenia Ave., Dayton, OH USA – Open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday. Coffees, Teas, Soups, Cookies and much more”

I asked for a menu, but that’s being redone too. So, after thanksgiving we’ll give it another shot.

Although it says day time hours- apparently, there will be evening poetry slams, art shows- etc.

Keep an eye on this, it may be a new cool cat hang-out.

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Thanks for the heads-up Dave. I was planning on going there this coming Saturday, but will wait till sometime in December.

I doubt I will be there often as the hours make it impossible for lunch or dinner for this suburbanite. I guess the customer base is the lunch crowd, sort of like Cafe Potage was when they were on Salem?

The Dame
The Dame

The place is adorable – funky, cozy, and the owner features LOTS of local artists and artisans. The return of a true, INDEPENDENT coffee house is exactly what this town needs.


The sink is being installed, even as I type. Stone Soup is a warm and fuzzy, eclectic place to be. It’s great to just sip coffee there and chat with others who stop in, admire the art on display and appreciate the care that has been put into making the atmosphere what it is. Stop in and meet Rob, one of the most real people you will ever meet. For him, this is a ministry and is about bringing art and a gathering place to the neighborhood.


TRAGIC news. The cafe is no more and the things that were in place are being sold at that location this week. Why? A busybody in the neighborhood with an ax to grind badgered the health department (remember the sink fiasco??) then the zoning board until the owner threw his hands up and said, “OK…you win.” He didn’t have a lot of start up capital, but he’s a good-hearted guy who just wanted to bring something nice to Xenia Avenue. He never set out to make more than was necessary to keep the business going. It was a labor of love, a ministry of sorts. Now there will be no gathering place, no art shows, no budding musicians at the mic. As a lifelong resident of dying Dayton, stuff like this makes me ill.


That explains why there was a closed sign on the door the two times I tried to go there. I know their hours were more daytime, but I had some days off and tried to go there.

Could you say what the neighbors beef was? I will post this over at my Daytonlolgy blog and you can make an anonymous remark or use a pseudonym if you fear retaliation.

I really would like to know the details behind this, as I though there was support from this from the Twin Towers comnunity.