March 2007

Metroparks snubs Dayton talent

Last time I bid on a Metroparks project was the last time I’ll ever bid on one. After I didn’t win, I asked to see the bid evaluation documentation- they hemmed and hawed- then burned their office down to avoid having to produce the paperwork as required by law. It’s OK, they don’t pay their Read More

Where to build the hockey stadium?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that Mandalay Entertainment is looking to take as much of a public handout as they can- figuring if the city gave away the store for a ballpark- how much will they give us for a “Ballpark village?” So- since no plans for a hockey rink for the AA Dayton Bombers are Read More

What could be paradise will be replaced with a parking lot

Instead of considering a world class, unique, sportsplex on the Parkside homes land- which would link Kettering Fields, the river, Island Park with the new Kroc Center- and could be a hub for economic development thanks to sports tourism- the city hasn’t learned a damn thing from the Greene fiasco- with overbuilding- and putting local Read More

This ain’t Taco Bell-

Went to Taqueria Mixteca on E. Third Street today- you should too. Ever since I first tasted “genuine” Mexican tacos at the now long-gone “El Guapo Taco” – I’ve missed the cilantro, onion and beef version served with lime. Now, I have a source. The old burger joint was filling up by noon- the service Read More

Speaking in the devil’s classroom-

Don Vermillion, former Montgomery County administrator invited me to speak to a graduate course at UD that he team teaches with DDN Editorial page editor- Ellen Belcher. The course is about local government and the media- and they wanted a speaker to discuss using the Internet to raise hell (well you get the point) as Read More

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