Metroparks snubs Dayton talent

Last time I bid on a Metroparks project was the last time I’ll ever bid on one. After I didn’t win, I asked to see the bid evaluation documentation- they hemmed and hawed- then burned their office down to avoid having to produce the paperwork as required by law.

It’s OK, they don’t pay their bills on-time either.

However, they are about to unveil a new corporate identity system for the entire system- and guess what- they went all the way to Grand Rapids MI to hire a firm to do the work.

Never mind there are some true national talents in Dayton who could easily have done award winning and effective work.

Off the top of my mind: Visual Marketing Associates who has done tons of work for sporting goods and outdoor products companies.

Real Art– again, a very talented group of graphic designers- who’ve done work for Paramount and Universal Studios, GM, and many others.

Graphica– they’ve done work with clients like GM and Nike.

Any one of the three above could easily have managed to do better work than the Michael Schwab rip-off look (scroll down to the posters for the National Parks) that the people from Michigan did.

Before local government hires outside the region, they should have to prove there isn’t anyone local who can do the same work. Here is a list of agencies and design firms in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus for them to choose from. Our economy is hurting bad enough without exporting dollars to Michigan.

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Politics, politics, politics. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Not only Five Rivers MetroParks, but those agencies you mentioned – and many more – would never pick-up the phone to call me. More and more it has to do with who you know, local gossip and not upsetting local “power players” than the quality of your work.


So if I wanted to write a letter and ask someone for an official response why they didn’t use regional talent, who would that someone be?

David Esrati
David Esrati

Hi Valerie-
I’d ask the board of directors of metroparks and their director for starters.


David, all the paperwork should be available through the Mont. County. At least the purchase orders should and I would be willing to send you my estimate… maybe the others who bid would as well. At least we could expose the truth.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Hi Jän, we might take a look at this bid through DaytonOS.
Sorry you didn’t win- I’m sure you could have copied Michael Schwab as easily as I could have.