What could be paradise will be replaced with a parking lot

Instead of considering a world class, unique, sportsplex on the Parkside homes land- which would link Kettering Fields, the river, Island Park with the new Kroc Center- and could be a hub for economic development thanks to sports tourism-

the city hasn’t learned a damn thing from the Greene fiasco- with overbuilding- and putting local businesses out of business to be replaced with cookie cutter chain stores.

So- because we don’t have a brain between our 4 commissioners and mayor- we’re going to give away the sportsplex land- to build a super Wal-mart.

If you drive out Salem ave, or US 35 to Xenia- you can see where Wal-Mart built a store less than 10 years ago- and then picked up and moved across the street- leaving the “absolutely critical” development from 10 years ago- vacant.

I’d rather invest in our own social capital and build things for the people on public land- than sell it off to carpetbaggers- but, noooooo-

see the whole article in the Dayton Daily News- which wouldn’t dare write about the SportsPlex complex as a viable alternative to another Big Box Boink of the taxpayers- who undoubtedly will be asked to subsidize the developers with tax abatements and TIFF deals.

Ballpark Village could be ready for shoppers in ’09
North of Fifth Third Field and overlooking the river, the plan for Ballpark Village includes a gourmet grocery, shops, restaurants, a fitness facility and entertainment venues. At the Parkside site, the partners envision a shopping area anchored by a couple of big-box retailers.

Dickstein said the developer has two restaurants and up to four businesses interested in leasing space at Ballpark Village, and they’re talking to six big-box retailers for the Parkside site.

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