This ain’t Taco Bell-

Went to Taqueria Mixteca on E. Third Street today- you should too. Ever since I first tasted “genuine” Mexican tacos at the now long-gone “El Guapo Taco” – I’ve missed the cilantro, onion and beef version served with lime. Now, I have a source.

The old burger joint was filling up by noon- the service is at the tables, the menus are bi-lingual (although the staff may not be).They have a $5 lunch special that should fill anyone up.

No website- but here are the details you will need:

Open 7 days a week, 10a to 9pm. They have a drive-through (but it looked pretty slow). 1609 E. Third St. Dayton OH 45403. The phone is 937.258.2654 and they can probably fax you a menu.

Dayton has a growing Mexican community- and it’s nice to see something more authentic than Elsa’s, Carmels, or Pepitos popping up.

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