Do all bar owners flunk math?

Ray Dixon needs a math lesson- which I’ll get back to. I’ve had some server issues that have had me rewrite this 2x.

I love the Dublin Pub, but only when I can sit outside and escape the smoke. On Dec. 7 that will change.

Shop owners chime in on butts-out law

At the Dublin Pub near the Oregon Historic District, a humidor of cigars stretches from floor to ceiling near an expired campaign sign that reads, “Let My Bar Decide. Vote Yes on Issue 4. The Common Sense Smoking Ban.”

But Issue 4 failed Tuesday, and Issue 5, a law that bans smoking in all public places and work places, including bars and restaurants like the Dublin Pub, prevailed.

“Do you know when this takes effect?” asked Dublin Pub co-owner Ray Dixon, his face masked with disappointment. “Dec. 7 — Pearl Harbor day.”

To Dixon and many bar and restaurant owners, Issue 5, or Smoke Free Ohio, is just the latest assault on individual freedoms, one they say could have a devastating effect on business.

“The number of customers we would gain in nonsmokers is far offset by the business we’ll lose,” Dixon predicted.

here’s the easy math for now:

75% of the public doesn’t smoke.

56% of the population voted smoking out of public places- despite a 5-1 outspending by big tobacco.

The law won’t change back anytime soon. So get ready to meet some new customers- including me, who won’t go to the Dublin Pub in the winter.

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