Vote smoke free

Remember to take your ID to the polls.

While I feel strongly that it’s not my place to tell someone how to vote- I can say that I was just in NYC and was able to go hear music, hang out in bars and dance clubs- without having to suffer bleeding sinuses- because the Big Apple is smoke free.

My friend, singer, songwriter and unfortunately, smoker,  David Poe even agreed that banning indoor smoking was a good thing. Yes, there were people smoking on the sidewalks- including him, but, we were able to go into some amazing clubs- and not stink.

I urge you to vote no on issue 4 and yes on issue 5, so that all of us, including the people in the food, bar and music industry- can have clean air to breath while they work.
Don’t believe a word of big tobacco’s claims that people won’t go out if they can’t smoke and drink- the clubs we were in were all packed- and the air was clean. Good for us, and bad for the pushers of death by smoking.

And if you are interested in David Poe’s latest political commentary song- head over to for a song about “family values” and the “gay agenda” being foisted on us by a desperate Republican party.

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Issue 5 has my vote. One of the things we enjoyed about living in Utah was that the entire state was smoke-free. Many people in Ohio just do not realize how pleasing it is, not only with not having to breath polluted air but also the fact that WE all end-up paying for this dirty habit.


Why can’t a business owner decide if he/she wants smoking in their club/bar/restaurant?

Bill Pote

Gene – a business owner can decide to make his or her establishment smoke-free, but doing so would cost them customers – especially if the business is a bar or restaurant. The customers that smoke would simply go to the next business down the road that does allow smoking. This is the reason why it is rare to see a restarurant or bar go smoke-free on its own. As a former bartender and restaurant manager, I can tell you that most owners would prefer not to allow smoking if they knew it would not cost them business. If the state goes smoke-free, then the risk is eliminated (except for those businesses near state borders). People are not going to stay home if they can’t smoke at the bar; they will simply adjust to going outside like everybody in California, Florida and New York. In fact, the business will probably gain customers who may have previously stayed away because they got sick of coming home smelling like smoke.

I lived in FL when they were talking about passing the state-wide ban. At that time there was plenty of backlash, especially from the hospitality industry (like there is here). But after the law passed there, I returned to visit and found that businesses were for the most part unaffected. They adjusted their thinking and now it isn’t even an issue. And here in Ohio – Columbus has been smoke-free for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be hurting their businesses. Ironically, Columbus is known to be a progressive city and is the only bigger city in Ohio that is gaining population.

I voted NO to Issue 4 and YES to Issue 5 – I am hoping the majority agrees.

Btw – David, thanks for the link to (mystery solved ;) )


Good points, but many chains and several independant places have in fact gone smoke less without laws – and more to come. And what about a bar where 99% of the patrons and staff smoke – just have the non-smokers go down the street. But you dont even have to do that, b/c these NON smokers who go to bars where 99% smoke understand what type of business they are going into – so they have cast their vote by either staying or leaving. Too much government telling people what to do and where to do it, even if EVERYONE is a bar agrees to smoking, then why cant it happen? Smoking is not against the law – yet. I dont smoke but I rather have the business owner decide rather than the government. SOOOOOO many people who dont smoke never go out (like my brother and sister-in-law) yet they want a ban. WHY? they never go out. And “BORDER” states will hurt Cincinnati, which of course no one cares about any more b/c they are republican. We let woman “chose”, we should let owners “chose” and patrons to “chose” where they want to go and vote with the wallet. If no one understands that, well then there just isnt much help for that person. I brought it up to my PRO BAN buddie, and he said “who cares about (this bar) if goes non-smoking, I never go there anyway.” “(this bar)” we were talking about is 99% smokers – leave them be.


YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!
Just remember that we limited the word “CHOICE.”
I think we should ban ALL abortions.

David Sparks

David, is it true that you are an ex-smoker?

David Esrati
David Esrati

Mr. Sparks,
I’ve never smoked. Both parents smoked- my father continued smoking until his third heart attack and second bypass operation.
Gene- the choice to poison yourself is all yours- just do it in private, not where I go, where I work, or where I have to smell it. My only problem with cigarettes is they don’t kill people fast enough- it’s a great way to clear stupid people from the gene pool.
Now that it looks like 4 lost and 5 won- I’m wondering how many places will have the guts to go smoke free tomorrow- instead of waiting. I’ll start promoting them on my site as soon as the non-smoking sign goes up.


Oregon district bars – upset 2 nite -still smokin’, people outside asking for money for smokes, throwing wads of cig at at me???? they shall get over this, you win, owners lose, Min wage is up, i make more money now,,,,,,,,,,

my oldest son, ilgt. now can go to high school….

youngest, well, i am waiting…… too poor to find Skool……HELP, .. A .. S… A.. P!