Vote smoke free

Remember to take your ID to the polls.

While I feel strongly that it’s not my place to tell someone how to vote- I can say that I was just in NYC and was able to go hear music, hang out in bars and dance clubs- without having to suffer bleeding sinuses- because the Big Apple is smoke free.

My friend, singer, songwriter and unfortunately, smoker,  David Poe even agreed that banning indoor smoking was a good thing. Yes, there were people smoking on the sidewalks- including him, but, we were able to go into some amazing clubs- and not stink.

I urge you to vote no on issue 4 and yes on issue 5, so that all of us, including the people in the food, bar and music industry- can have clean air to breath while they work.
Don’t believe a word of big tobacco’s claims that people won’t go out if they can’t smoke and drink- the clubs we were in were all packed- and the air was clean. Good for us, and bad for the pushers of death by smoking.

And if you are interested in David Poe’s latest political commentary song- head over to for a song about “family values” and the “gay agenda” being foisted on us by a desperate Republican party.

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