Thoughts on the election.

Ohio just redeemed itself from the put us in the stupid column by voting no on big tobacco’s end run around a smoke free state and saying no to the racetrack owners with their ploy to monopolize gambling for themselves.

Montgomery County finally told Chuck Curran that you need to actually do something to keep collecting a paycheck- twenty years too late, but better late than never.

Is it my imagination- or did gas prices just jump about 20 cents today? Can anyone say we need an investigation by someone not on big oil’s payroll.

Issue 2 passed. 150 years from now- will those numbers still work? Constitutions aren’t for fixing laws- they are for setting principles- the Dem’s should have said- elect us and we’ll give you that minimum wage increase- but unfortunately, people in power still don’t know what the right thing is.

If any bars/restaurants want to go smoke free tomorrow- instead of waiting for the law to take effect (in 30 days)- I’ll start promoting them on my site. The sooner we go smoke free, the better.

How much did this latest election cost? Was a billion dollars spent campaigning? What do we get for this “investment?” A bunch of nasty campaign ads, and politicians instead of leaders. We need campaign finance reform and election reform now. It should be the most important issue to tackle. Take the money out of politics and we may start seeing some real thinking going on in “Government.”

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Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Good bye Chuck! My faith is restored.


overall I was pleased with the election. I’m tired of the grand old party and time to get some new blood in. However I did want the gambling issue to pass. ITs’ funny how Catholic churches support gambling only when its time to raise money for their causes. It would’ve been fun to bring something new to Dayton.


I think it would have only goon to race tracks, ie Lebanon, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, etc…… I would like to see us keep a little gambling money in this state, but oh well. I guess it would bring too many whores and drugs to Lebanon, b/c lord know the bigger cities have NONE of these problems.