Get out the vote

How our political parties fail us

Why the county political parties in Ohio are failing (as is the state party)

The potential new party chair of the Greene County Republican Party sent out an email according to the Greene County Sentinel (a facebook based news type blog run by John Stafford) that asks about if the party should endorse in primaries. He doesn’t even know. The role of the local party in Ohio is a Read More

Why early voting is a mistake in Ohio

Souls to the polls, where churches bus people to the voting booth after church weeks before the election are a strategy GOTV people love. Wait, you don’t know what GOTV is? Get Out The Vote has traditionally been a strength of the Democratic party- which is also a fan of slate cards- printed lists of Read More

If you are a GOTV expert- Obama needs you more than the Montgomery County Party does

If you are a serious Dem and already a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) specialist- in this primary, it’s critical that you sign-up on the Obama site – instead of working your normal shift with the County. Sign up at They are targeting surefire Obama supporters to make sure this doesn’t come down to Read More

The technology behind the get out the vote

I went walking for Obama and my own campaign today. One of the advantages of being endorsed- is access to voter data and the ability to pick who you want to campaign to- and what info you want to gather. I don’t have access to that system. The Obama lists were segregated by age- 40 Read More